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Jennifer Knapp Into You Lyrics

Last updated: 10/11/2007 11:00:00 AM

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She's a skin art junkie, all cute and petite
all her fat-cat schemes don't look around
don't you even blame me
it's a real bad thing to spill your shades for a blind man to find it
who can feel the whole earth move and don't even mind it

I wanna know you
better than i do
relieve from myself, bring me into you
i wanna know you
better than i do
relieve me from myself, bring me into you

she's a wanna be hero
yeah, she try to be strong
but at the end of the hour
you find that the tower ain't standing so tall
it's a real hard thing
to show your weakness
if anyone can love you, i know my King does


Your Holiness
Your Kingdom
Your Righteousness
My Freedom

she's an easy scare
she's a simple bluff
she's a timid girl
she's in love


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