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Interpol was created in New York City in 1998. The original
line-up of the band was Greg on drums, Daniel on guitar,
Paul on vox and guitar, and Carlos on bass. Between ’98 and
2000, the four lads forged a unique sound in a variety of
the city’s decrepit and shady rental rehearsal rooms.
Paying by the hour, they cultivated a unique aesthetic and
developed their notoriously delicate and complicated
creative process. In 2000, Greg and the band split leaving
Daniel, Paul, and Carlos with a significant and reflective
hiatus. It soon came More...

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Review about Interpol songs
oh, so that's what Paul's singing about. . . | Reviewer: heather maud
    ------ About the song Take You On A Cruise performed by Interpol

after perhaps 500 times listening to this song, I finally looked up the lyrics on a few sites, just bored. Words smurds. Interpol is, was one of the best bands EVER PERIOD! if u have good taste in music, like indie music, then you should own Interpol's first 3 albums certainly. I am in absolute love with this song, it evokes a gut wrenching feeling, the music, not necessarily the words. it is interesting to now know the supposed real lyrics after many moons of listening to this song. now that I have 3 yrs clean in AUg 2013, Interpol is still a group I listen to as often as I can get my 2 1/2yr old to listen to anything besides Yo Gabba Gabba! ANd if you can see Interpol live, DONT BE FOOLISH & MISS THEM!

huh | Reviewer: marioman
    ------ About the song Evil performed by Interpol

i always thought it was about a guy who lost his wife and got in a crash and dies at the end of the song. and the name evil came up for the title because of careless people who are evil. i was 8 when i heard it. in the line why cant we just play the other game, he was refering to he wants be with her again, but do it differently. why cant we just look the other way ment why cant we look away from the light. in the line heaven stores you in life, meant he knew he wasnt gonna survive and is happy to see her in the after life

real | Reviewer: moises lopez
    ------ About the song NYC performed by Interpol

i agree with everyones opinion ....i think he feels like he had no contol of himself and what was about to happen at the end he says up to me now...turn on the bright lights....
almost like he was depressed living in his confusing dark world and at the end decides to turn on the lights ....

Stella90 | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Stella Was A Diver And She Was Always Down performed by Interpol

I freaking love this song! Interpol is my favourite band in the world,unfortunately I haven´t seen them performing... :(

Paul's interpretation | Reviewer: Daniel
    ------ About the song Take You On A Cruise performed by Interpol

Take you on a cruise.. "It's a tacky seduction story: this guy who may be wordly and well educated , but he's still trying to get laid with a cocktail waitress", said paul in a magazine

You forgot the most important lyric | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Stella Was A Diver And She Was Always Down performed by Interpol

In the very beginning of the recording, Paul says "this one's called Stella Was a Diver and She Was Always Down." With his tongue in his cheek.

It's about blow jobs. This song is a joke.

Serial killers? | Reviewer: Billie
    ------ About the song Evil performed by Interpol

Hello there everyone. Though I am a firm believer in the fact that music is Art and the meaning of Art is left to be assumed by the witness and their own beliefs, views, heart, soul and etc..,I fail to see how everyone here associates this song with Rosemary West. Interpol just happens to be my favorite band and music and Art are the one thing that keeps me alive in life. Literally. It was a song and the way it spoke to me that kept me from killing myself. It was a friend who saved my life who intoroduced me to Interpol. I actually walked away from life for a weekend and hopped a plane to NYC inhopes of happening upon Carlos Dengler who is my idol. So its safe to say that while I do respect for the opinions of those fellow bloggers and their opinions on Evil, nobodies right or wrong when it comes to Art and Beauty, it was actually said by the group in an interview at one time that Evil is about a man who is in love with two women and cant choose between the two. The thing that really gives it away is the line "just pick one" which can be hear during the guitar break 2 minutes and 21 seconds into the song. Dont believe me? Go crank tge song up full blast, at first it just sounds like static but theres words there:) Evil is about the inner turmoil felt when having to choose between the two loves of your life ( in my opinion "Rose" and "Mary" but hey what do I know, Im just some teen trying to pass the time in my prison of lufe without a cellmate). I belueve that the lyrics pisted here are a bit off in places as well which may be adding to the confusion. Just some thoughts..peace out.

People!! | Reviewer: Billie
    ------ About the song Obstacle 1 performed by Interpol

Hey everybody listen up!! It doesnt matter where you hear music, whether it wad on GH or not doesnt matter. What matters is that you hear a song somewhere in this messed up world and it was freakin beautiful. Thats what I love about music is the fact that it can something so simple and can hold hidden messages of something gruesome and ugly yet with talent a musician, true artist can turn a situation such as that into something that is beautiful. I love Interpol's music especially because they have an incredible talent at taking simple lyrics and rythms and placing them in such a way that something as perverted as masturbation can sound beatiful. Music is a form of Art, and Art is Beauty which is a glimpse into Eternity. It doesnt really matter what the meaning behind a song is or where it came from or where it was heard or discovered, what matters is where the song takes the listener, that someone somewhere can appreciate its Beauty and be taken away by it. Just as listeningto Obstacle One convinced me that lufe was worth living.

12/5/2011 | Reviewer: Billie Capone
    ------ About the song Say Hello To The Angels performed by Interpol

Oh I absolutely love Interpol and this is my favorite song of theirs! An exfriend of mine actually introduced me to Interpol about a year ago and this was his favorite song(haha which startled me at first since Im a redhead so he said it reminded him of me) I hadnt realized just what it was about until I read the lyrics though. It is definitely about sex but it's such a beautiful representation of the emotion involved, its not really perverted at all. My favorite part is when the song changes tempo with the verses after "1..2...3" The entire song is a masterpiece and I love how it is almost a shamble of nonsense that only fits together to the right person who can appreciate it. Lol just like any relationship

Imagine all the people living life in peace... | Reviewer: Chase
    ------ About the song Obstacle 1 performed by Interpol

Okay, please don't skip this review after reading this next line, just hear it out: I discovered this song from GH, and that's how I found other bands and I don't see a problem with that. I used to hate kids who discovered my favorite bands from the game before I began playing it, but I realized that the publisher of the game is causing rock, metal, indie, and all these other great forms of music from fading away in the shadow of *holding back puke* rap, hip hop, dubstep and so on. The only way to discover a band is by hearing about in some way. Back 10 or 15 years ago, people liked bands who got around by word-of-mouth, and those who were discovered through radio suddenly became hated for being "mainstream." Now, people use LastFM and Pandora to discover bands. The only difference between these sites and GH is that Gh lets you not only discover the music, but embrace it, even if it is with corny plastic instruments, and help those who can't play the real thing to be able to become connected to music on a higher level. Guitar Hero is a savior in my opinion. It revived my favorite band, Megadeth, with their offer to the band to make a title song for the game, which has now landed them at the top of billboards right at a time that people no longer have even heard the name before or heard any of their work that has been released since '98. The only problem with GH is that some kids are ignorant and believe that only the musci that they see on the game is music worth listening to. And for those who still are going to be stubborn, Guitar Hero has been shut down as a franchise, so you can chill now knowing that there won't be any more. And if you're wondering why they pulled the plug, it's because "the rock genre is no longer popular." So there you have it: our love is fading, and you guys are complaining about the things that keep it thriving.

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