Interpol Albums

  • El Pintor Album (9/9/2014)
    All the Rage Back Home
    My Desire
    Same Town, New Story
    My Blue Supreme
    Everything Is Wrong
    Breaker 1
    Ancient Ways
    Tidal Waves
    Twice As Hard

  • Interpol Album (9/7/2010)
    Memory Serves
    Summer Well
    Always Malaise (The Man I Am)
    Safe Without
    Try It On
    All Of The Ways
    The Undoing

  • Our Love To Admire Album (7/10/2007)
    Pioneer To The Falls
    No I In Threesome
    Heinrich Maneuver
    Pace Is The Trick
    All Fired Up
    Rest My Chemistry
    Who Do You Think?
    Wrecking Ball
    Mind Over Time

  • Antics Album (9/27/2004)
    Next Exit
    Take You On A Cruise
    Slow Hands
    Not Even Jail
    Public Pervert
    Length Of Love
    A Time To Be So Small
    Song Seven

  • Turn On The Bright Lights Album (8/20/2002)

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    Reviews about Interpol albums

    Antics. One of the best! | Reviewer: William Älgebrink
        ------ About the album Antics performed by Interpol

    When I say "Interpol" the cover of "Antics" pops up in my head. Interpol showed the world that you can make an album with only good songs. With the debut album "Turn off The Bright Lights", the expectations were high. It was either win or lose. And they clearly won.

    Best tracks:

    All of the tracks are good but my favourites are "Evil" and "Slow Hands".

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