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Interpol was created in New York City in 1998. The original line-up of the band was Greg on drums, Daniel on guitar, Paul on vox and guitar, and Carlos on bass. Between ’98 and 2000, the four lads forged a unique sound in a variety of the city’s decrepit and shady rental rehearsal rooms. Paying by the hour, they cultivated a unique aesthetic and developed their notoriously delicate and complicated creative process. In 2000, Greg and the band split leaving Daniel, Paul, and Carlos with a significant and reflective hiatus. It soon came about that Interpol would try out Sam, whom Daniel knew through the record store where Sam worked. Sam was perfect for the band as he gave Interpol a healthy shot of punk aggression and rhythmic backbone. Now with the line-up revitalized, Interpol resumed gigging at venues like Brownies, Mercury Lounge, and The Bowery Ballroom. Throughout 2000 and 2001 they opened for bands like ...And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead, Arab Strap, and The Delgados. Then came Interpol’s first release, at the end of 2000, in the form of the third installment of the FukdID EP series on Scottish label Chemikal Underground. Around the same time, the band also contributed an unreleased track, "Song Seven," to the Fierce Panda Records compilation Clooney Tunes. Popularity abroad increased as a result of regular rotation on London’s XFM. In April 2001 Interpol played in Glasgow, Manchester, and London, capping off their visit with a session for the famed John Peel. Later on in August and November, the group visited France with appearances at festivals La Route du Rock (St. Malo) and Festival Off (Paris) respectively. In November of 2001, the band tucked themselves away in Connecticut at Tarquin Studios to record their debut full-length. The album was recorded and mixed by Peter Katis (Mercury Rev, Clem Snide) and Gareth Jones (Depeche Mode, Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds, Clinic.)

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swirly guitars and dope soaked lyrics | Reviewer: heather maud | 7/23/13

Wow! just reading the reviews from people from eons ago. Interpol is such an over looked, under appreciated group. I hate the fact that some hipster fucks would dare judge them & not listen to them for the sake of, um, a Joy Division comparison? I don't know why. my ex West, In Columbus ohio turned me onto Interpol around 2005. I was & am still taken on an auditory trip each time I hear the intro to TURN ON THE BRIGHT LIGHTS! I used to shoot heroin to this, now I run errands with my daughter, with 3 yrs clean & still this band evokes feelings & a soul stirring whimsy floats in my gut each time I listen to Antics, Turn on The bright Lights or Our Love to Admire. And seeing them live is hypnotizing to put it in mere mortal words. Best then & now.

Stunning | Reviewer: Ela | 5/28/12

Interpol is my all-time favourite band, because Paul's voice is absolutely stunning, the guitars sound so beautiful, the basslines are perfection, the lyrics are incredibly mind-blowing and anyone who thinks Interpol is not a good band, obviously hasn't heard enough songs of them. It's just beautiful, beautiful music I can listen to in every mood I'm in. Love them.

what can I say.. | Reviewer: azer | 7/6/09

the mix of the chameleons & joy division. interpol is my favourite post-punk revival band, from its mysterious sound to paul banks who succes revive the voice of ian curtis. some dumbass that don't know this band, please shut up! u can ask more from them!

Amazing! | Reviewer: @ | 1/12/09

Interpol is my all-time favorite band. My mom absolutely loves them, and at first I though, "Great more whiny music." I thought that for a while until I heard "The Heinrich Manuvere" on "Our Love to Admire". That song changed my entire view on Interpol. I was Teporarily obsessed with this song, but later moved on to "Narc" on "Antics", which is still one of my favorite songs, I listen to it eveytime I turn on my iPod. More Interpol songs I can't live without:
PDA (Turn on the Bright Lights)
Obstacle 2 (Turn on the Bright Lights)
Evil (Antics)
Narc (Antics)
Not Even Jail* (Antics)
The Heinrich Manuvere (Our Love to Admire)
Pace is the Trick* (Our Love to Admire)
Who Do You Think? (Our Love to Admire)

As you can see, I really love Interpol, and I seriously suggest that you download all of the songs I just mentioned (or better yet, buy the albums!)

*The musical interlude in Not Even Jail and Pace is the Trick sound very similar, but they're still absolutely amazing. They put a smile on my face eveytime!

Hope you liked my review!

Amazing!!!! | Reviewer: Amanda | 12/11/07

What can i say, I Love Interpol!!!! I recently saw Interpol at the state theater in Minneapolis,MI. I Went my older brother, the liars that opened for them were needless to say "very lucky" to be opening for such a great band! My brother and I were blown away at how great they were live.

Is a beatiful sound | Reviewer: Mauricio | 12/7/07

I saw them last night at Jimmy Kimmel show for the first time, Their sound for me is a mix of The doors and radio head. I am Metallica fan, but let me tell you; Interpol is a great band, love them. Thankx.

im sorry | Reviewer: špela | 11/5/07

im sorry that they are missunderstud, my boyfrend says that they are the most teribble band in the world. maybe i should left him???
nobody says that to my band!!!!

Good Band | Reviewer: Rudy | 11/4/07

I just saw them a couple weeks ago in San Francisco for the first time, they put on an awesome show and now I can't get enough of their music. "Pioneer to the falls" has been stuck in my head for a couple days. And I agree with the guy below, the opening band on their tour "the liars," are a complete joke. However they are funny to watch for that very reason

Interpol Live: Austin TX | Reviewer: pndixon | 10/3/07

Saw them live at Stubbs with my buddy Mic. Liars opened for them and...the Liars were really bad. They seem to try really hard to be old-school punks, but wow (there's that word again) they really need to get back in the garage and practice and develop a real sound, one that actually goes somewhere. Anyway, once Interpol hit the stage all was much better. It was the same set from when I saw them in Norfolk (Norva), which was a great show. The sound was a bit too high, in fact it blew a fuse or something about 2/3 through the set - even Paul commented to the crowd that it was too f'ing loud. The guys weren't quite as energetic as in Norfolk, but it is a long tour. They did very well. Cheers all.

Distelligent | Reviewer: Shitfuck | 9/28/07

Interpol is the most horrid "indie" band ever. Anything with that label in general needs to be extinguished as fast as possible. Scenesters who think they have some shred of wit and brain-power latch onto this genre like sharks in a feeding frenzy.

Good riddance

Great | Reviewer: Tony | 9/5/07

Amazing music from an american band, subttle lurics and a unique sound; for a fun used to british indy music, interpol are a very good and different alternative group coming from across the atlantic.

I want to marry Interpol | Reviewer: Andrea | 9/4/07

I'm so in love with this band. Their sound is so unique and haunting. I saw them before I'd ever heard of them...shortly after the release of Turn on the Bright Lights when they opened for the Cure's world tour. I was immediately blown away. I've listened to Antics and Turn on the Bright Lights about a million times each and seen them live once since them. I can't wait to see them come through Denver in October. Just got the Our Love to Admire...mmmm. Thank you Paul.

Yeah! | Reviewer: Aerith | 7/30/07

Just love them... They should come to Mexico, but it's a shame because most of the mexican people doesn't know them :(

Interpolis, what's not to love? | Reviewer: Pie | 7/11/07

I had seen the name Interpol pop up on several websites and i heard them mentioned on radio & t.v. for a while before i first saw the video for Slow Hands, from their 2004 album "Antics".
I loved the song rightaway; the blistering guitar, the rock-disco beat and the detached vocals of the singer(Paul Banks obviously, but i learned that later...).
After all the positive reviews i read about their first album "Turn on the bright lights", i took a chance and bought "Antics" that very week.
Good move on my part; what a great album from a great band! The dark, brooding, atmospheric music accompanied by haunting, yet often uplifting, lyrics blew me away and continues to do so 3 years after the fact.
After 20- 30 listens of "Antics" i bought "Turn on the bright lights" and i've become an even bigger fan since then...
Interpol have a great way of luring you into their music with a simple rif or bassline, but once the suck you in, there's no getting out...
Enter the world of Interpol where every relationship can bring you giant highs or incredible lows, often times within the space of one song...(how cool is that?;-)
I had the pleasure of seeing them live only 10 days ago at the Rock Werchter Festival in Belgium.
I had heard/ read stories of Interpol playing their music really tight and with great craftmanship, and that they seldom (if ever!) interact with the crowd.
I have to say: the concert was exactly like that: they played their music super-tight, and there was practically no interaction with the audience whatsoever. Having said this; it was a great f***ing concert!
Playing their music as thight as it sounds on the record is no small achievement and their unattachment to the crowd just adds to the Interpol-cool and is kind of fitting for this band.
Last week the new album "Our love to admire" came out and it's another great album. A worthy third album by a band that has found their own niche in music with their particular brand of brooding, (semi-)detached bursts of melody, harmony and rythm, all in perfectly crafted songs that can haunt your dreams if you let them....and why wouldn't you...?
Go listen to their music and try to catch them live; Interpol is one of the great bands to come out of the post-punk movement and deserves to become even greater.
Rock on!

Wonderful | Reviewer: Mark From Denmark | 6/30/07

I have never in my live felt anything like, what im feeling these moments.
I saw interpol a couple of days ago, for the second time and I've been haunted!

I love their lyrics so much, so melancholic- so beautiful!

Unfortunately I'm not that to interpret. I wish I could get the real meaning out of the songs.

They are so beautiful, that I can't describe it.

I feel like crying, and i consider myself as a "tough" guy!

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