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Becoming The Archetype Internal Illumination Lyrics

Last updated: 07/28/2011 12:00:00 PM

Turn out the light!
internal illumination
And see the earth is bright
With Internal Illumination x3

The ones who came before
were only looking for decay
Forsaking & mistaking what was hidden in their day
But now the veil is broken
The light is clearly seen
The lines begin to blur
And reveal what's always been
Its rising,its growing
And all our hearts are glowing
Its raining,its flooding,and we can feel it in our bones

Don't believe,your eyes
Don't accept,the obvious x2

The light is growing brighter
Time is a face upon the water x2

Engage! Turn out the light!
Internal Illumination!
And see the earth is bright
With Internal illumination x3

Internal Illumination! x2

Shadow veils deception
Breeds deception and false doubt
In the soil of assumption
Seeds of hopelessness are found

Internal Illumination x2

No more painting shadows on the canvas of life
No more drinking out of wells that are dry! x3
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