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Paramore Interlude: Holiday Lyrics

Last updated: 04/01/2013 01:39:13 PM

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Now I can move on to facing,
Big girl problems,
No more high school drama,
Graduated with honors.

And I'm drinkin' coffee while I,
Read the paper,
I've been savin' money, eatin',
Only top ramen.

Oh, oh, oh, oh-oh.

Now I get a holiday,
Wherever I go I might stay.
I don't plan on coming back,
Ever if I can help it.

Now I get a holiday,
I think I'll stay,
Holiday, think I'll stay.
Now I get a holiday.

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On July 2, 2012, it was announced on the band's Twitter that former Nine Inch Nails and Lostprophets and current Angels & Airwaves drummer Ilan Rubin will be recording drums for the album.

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