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The Butchies Insult To Injury Lyrics

Last updated: 06/02/2004 02:14:46 AM

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they say you're young too young to know how much you feel thank hormones but anyone can tell add insult to injury you hear the thunder baby will you run to me some sense of grief a loss for words explain your need to see this girl a crush born at 14 don't doubt sincerity she'd wait for you forever to always be 14 you taste the years gone by her hands were always hers her kiss was never yours her parents think they watch TV somehow they still know everything she says her nerves are making it difficult to speak and countless hours of sleeping have made her legs weak so hot so cold so good to be 25 such torment lies in lips like mine you taste the years gone by you'll look and not recognize her hands were always hers her kiss was never yours you can't tear us you can't make us break our hearts apart you can't no one comes between a love like this she'll pass her in the hall will she look the other way

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