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Disturbed Inside The Fire Lyrics

Last updated: 04/24/2012 11:00:00 AM

Won't go to heaven
She's just another lost soul,
About to be mine again
Leave her
we will receive her
It is beyond your control
will you ever meet again

One of eleven
Who had been rendered unwhole
As a little child,
she was taken
and then forsaken
you will remember it all
Let it fill your mind again

Devin lies beyond this portal
take the word of one immortal
Give your soul to me
For eternity
release your life
to begin another time with her
End your grief with me
there's another way
release your life
take your place inside the fire with her

Now and forever
you're just another lost soul about to be mine again
see her, you'll never free her
you must surrender it all
If you'd like to meet again

For your desire
As she begins to turn cold for the final time
you will shiver
till you deliver
you will remember it all
Let it fill your mind again


Give your soul to me
For eternity
release your life
to begin another time with her
End your grief with me
there's another way
release your life
take your place inside the fire with her

No longer living
Who had been rendered unwhole
As a little child
she was taken,
and then forsaken
you will remember it all
Let it fill your mind again

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and then forsaken | Reviewer: cloopp | 4/24/12

this song makes me think about everything that i lived with my ex girlfriend, she hadn't died no, but she killed me twice and gone, now there's no fire, no place but only suicidal dreams. DISTURBED!!

A song to make you think. | Reviewer: Angus | 7/27/10

I really do love this song, and I respect David for being able to write and sing this. It takes guts to sing about something this personal.

On a side note, did anyone else notice the hand underneath the chair at the start of the video? Any idea what it means?

Yeah....... | Reviewer: Ryan Ainsworth and WARHEAD are the same person | 6/10/10

This is awesome song. It has a great story behind it ( figuratively I mean ). It is that great and to me it is the worst song on the Indestructible album. LOL. Anyway, I can't wait for the new album Asylum!

also inside the fire | Reviewer: TheDraygonNinja | 4/22/10

Damn awesome song 5 out of 5 all the way. I cant stop listening to this song and can't get it out of my head its so awesome and it has meaning which is even more asounding;I'm with the other guy the guitar solo was wicked

(my name is my gamertag)

... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/21/10

This song is about David's girlfriend. She committed suicide when he was sixteen and he walked in on it. He said that he had the devil at his side telling him to kill himself so they could be together. It's actually quite sad. He ended up in a mental hospital for a while.

Great Song....sad story | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/15/10

(deven one of eleven) who had been (rendered unwhole) as a (little child) she was (taken) and then (forsaken).....Obviously this line is about child sexual abuse suffered by her at a young age...The age of eleven, probably neglected and nobody done anything about it. Probably the reason behind her addiction and eventually her suicide.

The Demon was his consious....she obviously was crying for help and draiman possibly didn't know or understand it at the time but looking back in retrospect felt the guilt of loosing a loved one that may have been helped had he known she was suicidal. Just An Opinion but it fits. Sad story actually.

Disturbed rocks | Reviewer: Matthieu | 5/14/09

Im pretty new to disturbed but as everybody say and its my point of, the lyrics are going deeper than some of the others bands of all kind of music u know. Its nice to see that there's not just sex drug and rock n'roll but also emotional part of life

voices... | Reviewer: heavy metal | 4/28/09

wow, talk about a deep song. i reviewed pefect insanity the other day, and i gotta say, this song is just as deep and meaningful to david. like i said before, the thing that makes disturbed great is the feeling behind the lyrics, and the fact that david is singing about things that he has actually experienced... distubed has completely broken the mold for rock; singing about things that actually matter.

SONG REVIEW | Reviewer: me | 3/22/09

didnt get the lyrics as first..... dont no how....they are really obvious if u think about it, he is basically saying his gf commited suicide, and the devil, or a demon, is telling him to 'release his life@ and join her.
one more thing, DISTURBED ROCKS!

.....this song means sumthing to me | Reviewer: xiziar | 2/17/09

i luv this song. it speaks to me. i had a gf that tried to commit suicide n when i thought she was dead i wanted to join her. this song is kick ass. disturbed, keep doin wat u do. friggin awsome band. i also like down with the sickness, the game, and land of confusion. DISTURBED BITCHES!!!

my opinion | Reviewer: CoNcUsSiOn | 1/8/09

in my opinion this is one of disturbeds greatest songs for all of u who dont know this is a song about draiman's girlfriend "deven" who was a heroin addict and eventually commited suicide and the aftermath which involved draiman being followed by a demon (not nessicarily satan) trying to convince him to commit suicide and join devon "inside the fire" meaning hell this is a true story. the lyrics are often mistaken hell i mistook them when i first heard it but it is "deven one of eleven who had been rendered unwhole as a little child she was taken and then forsaken..." and so on if u are a musician listen to it more deeply and u will hear them clearly and know the meaning instantly. ps if u like this song i recomend facade by disturbed its also on indestructible its got a very similar story and its got great rythem and tempo i love it

Anonymous | Reviewer: Good song, bad lyrics | 1/2/09

yea this is probably sounding a little repetitive if you've been reading some of the other comments but it's true. This song is fucking awesome, but the lyrics are kind of repetitive. But the one thing i do like about these lyrics is, when you actually listen to them in the song (and not just the way the song sounds) you actually get what this song is about. I didn't have to go on the internet and look up what the song is about. He's pretty much telling you. There's this girl that he loves who died and the devil is pretty much telling him to "release his life" to be with devin forever.

But yea, i'd give this song a 5/5 anyways. IT rocks!! ROCK ON DISTURBED. I do like the little guitar solo after the lead singer goes "take me away, yeah!" That was wicked.

Crappy Lyrics | Reviewer: Sierra Hacker | 11/18/08

yeah the lyrics may be crappy but you know just as well that the band is amazing. They did their best as so did the writer. so forgive them of this little mistake. I still love the band to death.

my favorite | Reviewer: Josh | 10/5/08

this has become my new favorite song by Disturbed. Prayer had always been my top fav, but now its down to #2. i can always look to Disturbed when i'm feeling down, and i love the way David Draiman is from a lyrically point of view

To the person not sure about the lyrics for inside the fire... | Reviewer: Gzule | 8/25/08

If you have their newest album, the lyrics are all in the booklet!
The second part to the first verse is:
"Ooohh Devon, one of eleven
who had been rendered unwhole as a little child
she was taken and then forsaken,...."

David also actually talks about alot of the meanings to their songs in their Making of Indestructible DVD which came with the CD I bought, and for this particular song he explains that "one of eleven" means that she was part of a large family,... I'm guessing his ex girlfriend who committed suicide,.. whom the song is actually about.