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(pronounced "I Know J")

Sultry, seductive, vibrant, passionate, sweet with just a touch of youthful innocence are the words that best describe Saga/So So Def's newest singing and songwriting sensation INOJ. INOJ's chart-busting covers of the Ready For The World hit " Love You Down" and Cindy Lauper's classic "Time After Time" (from INOJ's debut LP Ready For the World) have made her practically a household name around the country.

Born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and reared in the Nation's capital, Washington D.C., INOJ (that's "Joni" spelled backwards) grew up in a middle class Catholic family. As a child, she recalls singing before she learned to talk and being inspired by great artists like Minnie Ripperton, Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Chicago, and War while perfecting her own vocal style.

"I've been singing since I was seven," she says. "I've been practicing [for this career] all my life. I wake up in the morning singing and I'd go to bed singing."

In addition to singing around the home-front, INOJ was a member of her high school choir for four years before landing a gig as a session singer in and around the DC area. In fact, it was during a gig as a session singer that she happened across the opportunity to record her first single, for an upcoming compilation record. That single was none other than "Love You Down" for the RIAA gold-certified So So Def Bass Compilation Vol. 2.

INOJ recalls how it all happened: "I was doing some session work for my producer who did the first single 'Love You Down.' He went out of town to Atlanta and he called me from there and said, 'I'm at So So Def, do you remember the compilation with the song "My Boo?" Could you write something like that?' I said, 'yeah, I could try.' So after I got off the phone, I wrote a couple of songs that he liked so I demo-ed them. And then he asked me if I would do a favor for him and demo 'Love You Down.' When So So Def heard the demo they loved it and asked 'who's the girl singing?' After that they asked me to perform the song on the So So Def Bass Compilation Vol. 2 and from there it lead to all of this."

In addition to being featured on INOJ's debut LP, her version of "Time After Time" was also selected as the lead single for Vol. 3 of So So Def's Bass Compilation series. Not a bad choice considering the fact that her first single is just a few thousand copies from being certified gold. And, given the slinky uptempo and haunting melody of "Time After Time" and INOJ's sweet, sensual vocals, there's no doubt both the song and the singer are ready for the world.

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cool! | Reviewer: mikosai88 | 5/15/13

it's been years since i first heard her songs especially "Love You Down, and "I Want to be Your Lady". whenever i have to put songs in my playlist, her songs would be the priorioty.. the best! but why she stopped?

I love INOJ1 | Reviewer: Dominique | 4/25/08

I absolutly adore inoj(no homo) but I love dey music its so inspiring.there beats is a beats and i had 2 do a presentation in my class about my favorite artist and sure as hell i did inoj!
much love

I love Inoj's songs <3 | Reviewer: Ayano | 12/7/07

I love her songs so much especially "wait for you". I think she is da best too!! I wish she makes more songs. Does anyone know why she stoped making songs?

i love the song fallin, and love you down | Reviewer: micia | 9/14/07

love you down is my number one jam and i love dat song fallin'...its the shit you isten to when you dont love yo man no morer and bout to break up wit them!!!!!lol...but much love 2 you inoj

i love the song love u down | Reviewer: tina | 5/11/07

it never really mattered to much to me,
that u were just to damn dog for me!
i love that song
love you down

Just discoverd this artist | Reviewer: Truther | 8/27/06

I just heard her song called 'My Boo' or 'I want to be your lady', as it was the background song on a shock site called 'motherman' linked from a forum!. A very good song, shame about the way I found out about it!

Inoj rocks. | Reviewer: Inojay | 9/15/05

she is the coolest singer ever i admire and one of her greatest fans. my favourite song is love you down but time after time and ring my bell is good, i listened to her album and i thought it was the coolest songs ever its too bad she didnt make it. i liked her freaky song she is a good song writer and singer she is da best

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