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Waking up I see that everything is OK
The first time in my life and now it's so great
Slowing down I look around and I am so amazed
I think about the little things that make life great

I wouldn't change a thing about it
This is the best feeling

This innocence is brilliant
I hope that it will stay
This moment is perfect
Please don't go away
I need you now
And I'll hold on to it
Don't you let it pass you by

I found a place so safe, not a single tear
The first time in my life and now it's so clear
Feel calm, I belong, I'm so happy here
It's so strong and now I let myself be sincere

I wouldn't change a thing about it
This is the best feeling


It's a state of bliss, you think you're dreaming
It's the happiness inside that you're feeling
It's so beautiful it makes you wanna cry
It's a state of bliss, you think you're dreaming
It's the happiness inside that you're feeling
It's so beautiful it makes you wanna cry

It's so beautiful it makes you wanna cry
This innocence is brilliant
Makes you wanna cry
This innocence is brilliance
Please don't go away
Cause I need you now
And I'll hold on to it
Don't you let it pass you by


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Innocence - Avril Lavigne | Reviewer: Reviewer | 1/7/14

Personally, I think this song could be interpreted as a number of things. Firstly, just a beautiful, perfect moment in time. In that context, Avril would have been using the word 'innocence' as a metaphor. The first time I heard it, my thoughts were immediately drawn to somebody losing their innocence in a perfect, blissful moment - 'This innocence is brilliant'. The line 'I need you now' made me think of her needing her lover after that night. But it's a song... You can interpret it however you want to.

how it makes me feel when i sing it | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/23/11

well i sing this all the time over and over well i'm in 4th grade and this boy named weston is in love with me so he ask my bff mariah my warrior 2 sing a song with him at his grandmothers funeral since we both had a country twang so we chose that song and after that we kinda ......................................................................................KISSED i know crazy right well we did and were 4th graders i bet one of u guys will email back saying.......................................CRAZY KIDS LOL LOVE U AVRIL SING A SONG 4 MY BOYFRIEND ON THE RADIO AND SAY I LOVE HIM

So great | Reviewer: Tatang Solehan_UNNES | 9/18/10

When i firSt heard this song, i reaLLy enjoyed it,.
Listening to this song will aLways make me caLm down,..
For my truE Love eneng(my beibz), i love u so much,
someday i'LL try to sing this song for you,.

greatest!! | Reviewer: RchL | 4/29/10

this song to me describe about her feeling after doing her 1st sex. i think she must consider it as a sacred moment and she used innocence as an expression of the highest level of her feeling, there was no hate or even love, it just it, an innocence.

To me avril will never lose her ability in writing lyrics, if u read all the lyrics thoroughly, u will find that she is getting mature. most of her recent songs have an ambiguous and depth meaning if you examine it carefully

don't let it pass you by | Reviewer: just a girl | 4/10/10

well I don't really know what is this song written about, I didn't write it.
I think every person can interprate this song differently and that's just fine.
for me - this song is about the first kiss, it makes people so nervous even when it should be AMAZING.
"This moment is perfect
Please don't go away
I need you now
And I'll hold on to it
Don't you let it pass you by"
this song really calms me down when i'm tring to start a relitionship with someone.
you see how music can change your mood?

A gift | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/18/09

It's the most beautiful song ever. I got into the Avril the Laveigne listening bizz thanks to my cousin, LUV U LISA! She gives the true meaning of the saying "Each day is a present, since we are living in the present". Song like these, remind me of my songs. Everyday I work on my album, my friends and family (and even teachers) say I got talent for writing. I hope my lyrics and stories will be published one day.

Innocence Meaning | Reviewer: lucila | 5/1/09

I think this song talks about Innocence that never has to be lost. In my 15th b-day, a friend told me to 'never lose the girl inside of me'. Her comment almost made me cry. And now I understand this song talks about this. In my opinion, but anyone can say what he/she thinks, It'd be okay :) All interpretations are fine!

it inspired me | Reviewer: momo | 4/13/09

lets just say that we all have our opinions on what this song is talking about but when i heard it for the first time i deff got that she doesnt think we should give our innocence away. it is precious and we only get it once. so dont waist it. alot of her previous songs were talking alot about this but this song really hit the spot.

you rock avril lavigne!!!!!

i love the rest of the album | Reviewer: Heather | 4/5/09

I absolutely love the rest of the album so whyy don't you guys just shut up? seriously! I totally loved When You're Gone and I played it at me grandfathers funeral! y don't u guys just loosen up and give Avril some credit! She is just trying to the best she can so shut up! She doesn't need retards like you being so mean all the time!

Good track [Re. Innocence | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/10/08] | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/1/09

I have to agree with the statement regarding inverse-propotionality: You're right. Avril does seem to get sillier the more she sings, and the older she gets. It's clearly a marketing thing.

I remember when I first heard Avril, years ago - I wanted to hate it, but I just couldn't! The songs were great in their own way. These days she's letting herself down.

When I heard 'innocence' I realised that Avril is still there, but somebody is blocking her ability. This song is epic. Almost unrivaled in my opinion - so much so that I'm currently using some of the aspects to compose a piano-sonata based on my journey with many such artists.

Avril: This is good - keep it up.

Innocence | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/10/08

Innocence is probably the only song in the album that isn't crap - the lyrics actually have depth, which is something you wouldn't expect from the new, fake platinum-blonde, bubble-gum, girly-girly Avril.

Although Innocence was exceptionally good, the rest of the album wasn't. Really, you'd think that Avril's songs would show more depth now that Avril's older (and supposedly wiser), but the content of her music is inversely proportional to her age - it gets more and more retarded - that stupid "I'm-the-one-who-wears-the-pants" song never fails to get on my nerves. What's even worse is that the pants-song track is right after Innocence, making the album ridiculously irritating and unbearable to listen to.

Innocence - a step to the right path | Reviewer: Abdulvahid | 9/8/08

This song is one of my motivations that keep me to be good. And never give up towards righteous way. To keep innocence is difficult in this temporary world. But some of us are able to do it. Just ask for help from God alone. God guides us in the right way.

hate dis song. | Reviewer: dii. | 6/25/08

i love this song, but i hate it too. coz evertime i listen to dis song, my F***in ex boyfriend pop up on my mind. when he reads this review, i hope he knows that he will get the payback one day. i hate u dii.

AVRIL'S iNnOcEnCe RoX!!!! | Reviewer: Ananya Kaur | 1/22/08

hm..this is song is really touching my heart..her innocence is brilliant!!! the movement its perfect please don go away....i need u!! i luvv itt...AVRIL !! she rox forever..write more songs like this

Fantastic Pop Song - one of the years best | Reviewer: Tax Analyst | 1/19/08

"Innocence" is just an incredibly beautiful and touching song. Each listener is going to find their own meanings in it beyond whatever Avril was meaning. I can tell you that's true because I'm probably a whole lot older than most of you (57) and yet I still can relate to this song. In my opinion it really is one of the best songs of the year.

Unfortunately, as some of you have already noted, the rest of the album ("The Best Damn Thing") is absolutely terrible...incredibly silly bubble-gum's too bad, because I think she actually has a lot of potential talent as a writer as well as being a remarkably strong and versatile vocalist. This album sounded a lot like someone coasting instead of working at their craft.

Guess we'll see what the future brings...she could go either way.

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