Inkwell Albums

  • These Stars Are Monsters Album (7/25/2006)
    Just Take The Monkey And Leave
    Equador Is Lovely This Time Of Year
    Drop It
    No You Drop It
    The Tragedy Of David Gribble
    These Stars Are Monsters
    Jazzersize In A Tie
    This One's For Kermitt Washington
    Pink?... No No... What About Whimsical?
    I'm Winning The Race
    Why Can't Sometimes And Always Be Friends
    We Are The Captains Of The Sea

  • Chaos Reveals Rhyme Album (5/16/2005)
    I Am The Tightrope
    The Glass Is Half... Awesome
    This Modern Medicine
    Promises Made
    Sleeping Patterns
    Cigarette And A Coconut Monkey
    We All Fall Down
    Box Full Of...
    The Wait Is Over

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