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Ingrid Michaelson Biography

Last updated: 11/09/2011 11:00:00 AM

Renowned indie-pop singer-song writer Ingrid Michaelson was born in 1979, in Staten Island, New York. New York-based Michaelson’s parents were both artists. Her father Carl Michaelson was composer and her mother Elizabeth Egbert was a distinguished sculptor, she also held the position of Executive Director at Staten Island Museum.

At the nascent age of five she started learning piano and attending music school named “Third Street” at Manhattan for two years. Later Ingrid Michaelson went to the Jewish Community Center of Staten Island named Dorothy Delson Kuhn Music Institute to learn music. She met there a singing coach Elizabeth McCullough, Elizabeth McCullough helped young Ingrid refine her musicals skills throughout her high school. She graduated from Staten Island Technical High School and further pursued theater from Binghamton University.

After obtaining degree in theater Ingrid Michaelson began to perform weekly on the stage of a local coffee bar in Staten Island. In the following year Ingrid Produced her first album by the name 'Slow The Rain'. Soon After this she found work of teaching at theatre with the New York City parks department in their school theater program.

Ingrid Michaelson decided to load her self-produced album in 2006, Girls and Boys, onto My Space. The owner of a music licensing and artist management company found the tune “Breakable” appealing. Ingrid Michaelson’s got a big break when the management company got her music onto the ABC show Grey’s Anatomy, beginning with “Breakable” on the November 16, 2006 episode. It was not long before Ingrid Michaelson was hearing her music on bigger and bigger TV shows and catching the attention of press and fans alike.

Well known for her single The Way I Am. Her music has featured in episodes of several popular television shows like - Grey's Anatomy, One Tree Hill & Old Navy's Fall etc. In June 2007 Ingrid Michaelson finally decided to wind-up her job with the Parks Department to pursue a full-time musical career.

Ingrid Michaelson carries the custom of female singer-songwriter into this century. A significant artist of the digital age, Michaelson initial exposure to the world was through Television.

Many of Michaelson’s songs have been used in the TV series Grey’s Anatomy. On 11th January 2007, “The Way I Am” was featured in Six Days, “Breakable” was featured in “Staring at the Sun” on 16th November 2006, “Corner Of Your Heart” was featured in “Testing 1-2-3” on 13 September 2007, “Keep Breathing” was featured on 17th May 2007 season 3 finale, “Giving Up”, a new song was featured in the 22nd May 2008 season 4 finales of “Freedom”.

Michaelson was the musical guest on Good Morning America on Valentine's Day 2008; the next day she appeared Live with Regis and Kelly. Her newly released song “Be Ok” appears in The House Bunny.

Her music has recently enjoyed commercial success but she is yet to sign with a music label, questions for Ingrid Michaelson and her fans are what label she'll sign with, and what kind of artistic control will she have. Her fan following is growing and there is no sign of calm down anytime soon.