Indigo Girls Albums

  • Beauty Queen Sister Album (10/4/2011)
    Share The Moon
    Beauty Queen Sister
    We Get To Feel It All
    War Rugs
    Birthday Song
    Feed And Water The Horses
    Making Promises
    Able To Sing

  • Poseidon and the Bitter Bug Album (3/24/2009)
    Digging For Your Dream
    Driver Education
    Fleet of Hope
    Ghost of the Gang
    I'll Change
    Love of Our Lives
    Salty South
    Second Time Around
    Sugar Tongue
    True Romantic
    What Are You Like

  • Despite Our Differences Album (9/19/2006)
    Pendulum Swinger
    Little Perennials
    I Believe In Love
    Three County Highway
    Rock and Roll Heaven's Gate
    Lay My Head Down
    Money Made You Mean
    Fly Away
    Dirt and Dead Ends
    All The Way
    They Won't Have Me
    Last Tears

  • All That We Let In Album (2/17/2004)
    Fill It Up Again
    Heartache For Everyone
    Free In You
    Perfect World
    All That We Let In
    Come On Home
    Dairy Queen
    Something Real
    Rise Up

  • Become You Album (3/12/2002)
  • Retrospective Album (10/3/2000)
  • Come On Now Social Album (9/28/1999)
  • Shaming of the Sun Album (4/29/1997)
  • 1200 Curfews Album (10/24/1995)
  • Swamp Ophelia Album (5/10/1994)
  • Rites Of Passage Album (2/1/1992)
  • Indigo Girls Live: Back On The Bus, Y'all Album (9/1/1991)
  • Live-Back On The Bus Y'all Album (6/4/1991)
  • Nomads*Indians*Saints Album (9/1/1990)
  • Indigo Girls Album (5/1/1989)
  • Strange Fire Album (5/1/1987)

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