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WHEN INDIA.ARIE sings, "I'm not the average girl from your
video," it has got to be the understatement of the year.
Charismatic, emotional, and impossible to pigeonhole, her
Motown debut ACOUSTIC SOUL is more than a breath of fresh
air: with it, she steps right into the artistic whirlwind
of the new R&B.

In India.Arie's first single, "Video," we're discovering
not only an extraordinarily gifted and affecting young
singer: we're also meeting a fellow traveler. From local
coffee houses like the Ying Yang Cafe in Atlanta to Black
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Review about India.Arie songs
95 | Reviewer: pamela yu
    ------ About the song Video performed by India.Arie

absolutely true words to keep in my heart i was deeply touch by the lyrics of this music, im so happy i could not stop dancing while listening to this song i love it i love it

Changed my life. | Reviewer: Ashley McAulay
    ------ About the song Break The Shell performed by India.Arie

This song inspired me to leave a bad marriage, and start living the life I was always meant to live. I feel awake for the fist time. I cant thank you enough, you have freed my spirit, and awakened my soul! xo

God's love | Reviewer: Simone Johnson
    ------ About the song The Truth performed by India.Arie

This song does NOT remind me of any man that could let me down in flesh. It give my JOY IN SPIRITUAL, in how I love GOD And most importantly how he loves me. And If I am a reflection of him, then I must be bright because his light shine so Bright I wouldn't lie. Loooooooovve that part.

beautiful | Reviewer: priya
    ------ About the song Beautiful Flower performed by India.Arie

such beautiful lyrics i had forgotten my struggle and growth into the woman i had become now that i am facing another situation this song really reminds me of how i had battled the previous situation and touched happiness this song really inspires me not to let go of my strength and not to break

thank you india arie u have inspired me to challenge and change once again

This song is a songversation | Reviewer: Princess
    ------ About the song Good Man performed by India.Arie

Today in June of this year (2013) my boyfriend lost his dad,it was so hard to see him in the bad space that he was in at times i did not know how to be there for him. Whenever he talks about him,i wish i knew him. When God blesses our relationship into a marriage relationship,i'd want our kids to know what a good man their grandfather was. He always wore a smile and was a very welcoming person.

Freedom | Reviewer: Gloria
    ------ About the song Break The Shell performed by India.Arie

Listening to your story and hearing this song inspired me to get out of my hell and embrace the heaven I found in this song. My heart cries out in joy and my soul is excited to join in the living and growing evolution awaiting me. Thank you from my soul to yours!!

this2shallpass | Reviewer: PETER
    ------ About the song This Too Shall Pass performed by India.Arie

What a song, so real and powerful.Sometimes when you are in a situation of a relationship that seem not to be working, you might think that is the end of all the joy and happiness one can ever find.It becomes so hard when the head and mind are at war,it is all happening to me, but since i walk with faith i believe this too shall pass.I fell in love with the song and it is doing wonders,positive changes as i can also hear angels talking to me.

Divinely Inspired | Reviewer: EMPRESS
    ------ About the song Just For Today performed by India.Arie

A woman with purpose you are. I wish for you to come to Jamaica so I could get to meet my soul sister. May God continue to bless and prosper you :) in all your ways >>>lots of respect >>>bless

I'll be a better man | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Good Man performed by India.Arie

Why do I still cry every time I listen to this song? I can't seem to find rhyme or reason because I am the man but it works up something in that want's me to be a better man to my sons and grandchildren. I pray love finds me again one day when I let my open just a chink. Thank you Ms. Arie. Happy 2013.

Deep | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song The Heart Of The Matter performed by India.Arie

The song shows someone who's trying to get over a break up we're they have been hurt. "The heart of the matter" lyric explains that she's find the real reason they broke up and why. She is missing the person and is bitter about the ending of the relationship but know that it's about "forgiveness" an she's trying to forgive the person. The person she love has found someone else and India is feel sad that they have ended an doesn't understand why.

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