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Incubus has remained an ever-changing and developing band
throughout their history, evolving their sound and lyrical
content through each of their four full-length albums,
various EPs, soundtrack work and home DVDs. It is this
kinetic approach that has allowed them to survive
throughout their 12-year career.

2003 has been an eventful year for the band and brought
about several changes, including the replacement of
founding member Dirk Lance with bass player Ben Kenney,
former guitarist of the funk, hip-hop group The Roots.
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Review about Incubus songs
    ------ About the song 11am performed by Incubus

Taking the lyrics at face value: he had a sexual indiscretion the night before because he was indecisive about staying true to one girl vs living free and he succumbs to the heat of the moment. he fears he tossed away a really good relationship because of it. Further evidence is the second verse he's hiding his heated choice under the sheets. In the chorus, he is trying to to convince himself then again being single and free its not all bad, but he's also fearful that he is letting a great one slip away and later when he wants off the single ride he will be too late and be full of regret missing out on the perfect girl when he had a chance.

Well, it's rather simple... | Reviewer: Outlaw_star
    ------ About the song Drive performed by Incubus

This song is somehow life explained. Story behind is, you got the power and tools required to fulfill whatever you want to. Fear is a big factor in our lives, preventing us to act on our own and just fallowing "the hive". In this song, you should focus on 2 main things; 1) "Whatever tommorrow brings I'll be there" and 2) "When I drive myself my light is found" :)

Overall meaning | Reviewer: Joe Ogoley
    ------ About the song Blood on the Ground performed by Incubus

I think that the meaning can be transferred to any situation but he is clearly talking about a guy unless he is thinking about hitting a woman. "Blood in my mouth, beats blood on the ground". I came here to learn what low twos were, so i felt it necessary to leave my little bit as well.

Army Girlfriend | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song I Miss You performed by Incubus

I have been with my boyfriend for 4 months but we have known each other for 4 years, he is in the United States Army and is on the other side of the country. I am very lucky because he is still in the states, but I still I miss him every single day. I send him songs like this all the time, he loved this one.

Sex with a prostitute. | Reviewer: Corvus
    ------ About the song Here in My Room performed by Incubus

This song is about an ugly boy that is going to have sex with a prostitute.

The company is old and it is uninviting. He didn't expected anything. But then she enters the door and started to make love. She is working, so thats the verb. For him, she is as beautiful as a star and he is worried about his scars. So he wish to dimm the light. At the end, he is thankfull for that (kind of) girl, giving him that feelings.

hmmm... | Reviewer: Fred
    ------ About the song Earth to Bella (Part II) performed by Incubus

The fact that someone would establish any kind of link between this great band and the "literary" turd that is the Twilight series fills me with pain and despair.
Also, Emily, you might want to double check the definition of ironic. Really. Google it, it'll take a second.

Magnificient song | Reviewer: BieberLover
    ------ About the song Monuments and Melodies performed by Incubus

I Love the flow of his poetic mind. This song and Admiration makes me melt..

If I had the opportunity to have a response to this song, I would sing with this verse,

"...if you find my beloved,
what will you tell him?
Tell him I am faint with love."

I do miss her....thats what keeps the flame alive | Reviewer: Avik
    ------ About the song I Miss You performed by Incubus

She had been the face I woke upto, the only face that I want to wake upto everyday for teh rest of my life. I would not compromise her face for anything or any other. All or nothing.

And now 18 months without even seeing each other. We do talk sometimes. And then surviving catastrophes togetehr. I feel this is what fate had in store, coz this is what makes the feeling ever more be with her.

good song nowhere near original | Reviewer: rmaxwell
    ------ About the song Megalomaniac performed by Incubus

while i like the song you have to know that the whole elvis/jesus even in a very similar melody has been done. Parts of the song are very similar including the way the course is sung by a band called Alice Donut from the late 80s early 90s. Killer underground punk band out of NYC. Song is called The Tingler. Just shows even so called original bands today are pretty bad about lifting lyrics melodies etc

Fits perfectly | Reviewer: Amama
    ------ About the song Blood on the Ground performed by Incubus

I recently just had an argument with my boyfriend and all I could think about while talking to him was the chorus of this song 'cause I was getting so angry and everything that came out of my mouth just made things worse. When I thought that things were getting better, we just went into a deeper argumet. It was awful and this song just describes it perfectly.

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