Incubus Albums

  • If Not Now, When? Album (7/12/2011)
    If Not Now, When?
    Promises, Promises
    Friends And Lovers
    The Original
    In The Company Of Wolves
    Tomorrow's Food
    Rebel Girls
    Surface To Air

  • Monuments And Melodies Album (6/16/2009)
    Black Heart Inertia
    Love Hurts
    Wish You Were Here
    Talk Shows On Mute
    Pardon Me
    Oil And Water
    Are You In
    Nice To Know You
    Midnight Swim
    Make A Move
    New Skin
    Neither Of Us Can See
    Look Alive
    While All The Vultures Feed
    Punch Drunk
    Monuments And Melodies
    Let's Go Crazy

  • Light Grenades Album (11/28/2006)
    A Kiss To Send Us Off
    Love Hurts
    Light Grenades
    Earth To Bella, Pt. 1
    Oil And Water
    Diamonds And Coal
    Paper Shoes
    Pendulous Threads
    Earth To Bella, Pt. 2
    Punch Drunk
    Look Alive

  • A Crow Left of the Murder Album (2/3/2004)
    A Crow Left Of The Murder
    Talk Shows On Mute
    Beware! Criminal
    Sick Sad Little World
    Southern Girl
    Zee Deveel
    Made For TV Movie
    Smile Lines
    Here In My Room

  • Morning View Album (10/23/2001)
  • Make Yourself Album (10/26/1999)
  • S.C.I.E.N.C.E. Album (9/9/1997)
  • Enjoy Incubus Album (1/7/1997)
  • Fungus Amongus Album (11/1/1995)

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    Reviews about Incubus albums
    tendency to consist of instructional infant products | Reviewer: zansfc
        ------ About the album Morning View performed by Incubus

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    when an album defines a moment in time | Reviewer: anthony
        ------ About the album Morning View performed by Incubus

    This album was the essence of my first love, senior year of highschool and a truly defining moment in my life. Revisiting the album is both painful and wonderful. It's lyrics, music and time in my life make this album far more than music.

    I will always love Incubus. | Reviewer: Elise
        ------ About the album Make Yourself performed by Incubus

    When I found this band 9 years ago I was in a bad place. This band and this album changed my life. Brandon Boyd is a genius, if I could speak to them I'd say thank you for kickin ass. :) Please make another album like Make Yourself.

    satisfactions again after 5-6 years of listening. | Reviewer: akum jamir
        ------ About the album A Crow Left of the Murder performed by Incubus

    about the speciality of the title "a crow left of the murder " and nothin else remaining kinda gives me a chill and a freak.........its like one of the coolest things i've come across and heard incubus rocks the hell out of me...........

    True Incubus | Reviewer: Joshua
        ------ About the album Morning View performed by Incubus

    As much as I love incubus and how much they've grown over the years I'll always come back to Morning View as my favorite of their albums. This album seems to sync with my chakra it's motivating and moving both in powerful lyrics and amazing music. Aqueous Transmission isn't just a song its an experience, if you get a chance to see them play this song live consider yourself lucky I know I do. Absolutely moving. I hope someday they revisit this style of music.

    guide to a happy youth or adulthood | Reviewer: Jeremiah Quarles
        ------ About the album Morning View performed by Incubus

    Well, it's been three years since someone has praised this album on this site. I would recommend "Morning View" to anyone who wants to discover/rediscover his/her self. To borrow from a Peter Griffin spiel about Lionel Ritchie's "Can't Slow Down", "I didn't know who I was until I heard this album." As a teen I found this album to make since of the world; to preach an optimistic, light-hearted message. And as an adult, I've found it again, reinvigorating a waning joy brought on by growing up.

    creativity? | Reviewer: Jon
        ------ About the album Fungus Amongus performed by Incubus

    This is by far one of the greatest albums I've ever heard. Pure raw creativity and energy put across through smooth funk and intense music and lyrics. Mr. Bungle was obviously a huge influence and they are amazing as well. The original is still the best.

    why should anybody care ? | Reviewer: Griever
        ------ About the album Make Yourself performed by Incubus

    My favorite incubus album, it tells about life. Make yourself dont try to live someones else life dreams, dont get yourslef in that belive. don't belive in laws which most people obey, never even questioning why, or not even noticing them, taking as a natural thing which is part of everyones life/behaviour. Laws which doesnt have to be written and of which you dont have to be aware of. Just live your life dont try to be a winner, dont look for perfection, prosperity in a common sense, look for what you really would like to be (not have) in life, it wont be perfect but it will be yours. You can loose, you can win, but if you loose becouse you fallowed yourself, you'll be sure that you tried. And if you... even win in a game you never wanted to play ?

    I love it. | Reviewer: kT
        ------ About the album Morning View performed by Incubus

    Warning is the best song ever,
    I love this album.
    Incubus is heaven.
    They're too good to put into words,
    nuff said.

    life inpired | Reviewer: Amber
        ------ About the album Make Yourself performed by Incubus

    this CD inspires the lazy into thinking for once its grate for making sence of some of the probs in life. the lyrics are deep and are filled with hidden messages which will help any one to get a living.

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