Incognito Albums

  • Adventures in Black Sunshine Album (9/14/2004)
    Don't Turn My Love Away
    Everything Your Heart Desires
    Close My Eyes
    25th Chapter
    True to Myself
    Principles of Love
    This Thing Called Love
    Fences and Barriers
    Mindin' My Business
    Autumn Song
    Listen to the Music
    Mr. Jones
    World Is Mine
    Beyond the Clouds

  • Who Needs Love Album (4/29/2003)
    Can't Get You Out Of My Head
    People At The Top
    Morning Sun
    Stone Cold Heart
    Cada Dia (Day By Day)
    If You Want My Love
    Don't Be A Fool
    Byrd Plays
    Where Love Shines
    Did We Really Ever Try
    Blue (I'm Still Here With You)

  • Life Stranger Than Fiction Album (7/17/2001)
    Stay Mine
    Bring You Down
    Slow Down(Get A Grip)
    Skin On My Skin
    Cut It Loose
    There Will Come A Day
    Worlds Collide
    Castles In The Air
    Got To Know
    Reach Out
    Rivers Runnin' Black
    On the Road, Pt. 1
    On the Road, Pt. 2
    Down To Earth

  • No Time Like The Future Album (7/20/1999)
    Wild and Peaceful
    Get Into My Groove
    It Ain't Easy
    Nights Over Egypt
    Centre Of The Sun
    More Of Myself
    I Can See The Future

  • Beneath The Surface Album (10/21/1996)
  • 100° and Rising Album (6/6/1995)
  • Positivity Album (7/1/1994)
  • Tribes, Vibes and Scribes Album (7/1/1992)
  • Inside Life Album (7/1/1991)
  • Jazz Funk Album (7/1/1981)

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