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Incognito Biography

Last updated: 04/05/2013 01:33:47 PM

Incognito does not have a recognised line-up of members; Incognito is essentially one man's dream, namely Jean-Paul 'Bluey' Maunick.

Since the inception of Incognito in 1981, many musicians have been involved in creating the music of Incognito. Rather than focusing on individuals, equal credit is given for their contributions. This approach, to quote Bluey himself, "promotes and encourages the talents of the musicians and in turn teaches all of us humility and a sense of sharing that is not usually present in most other bands".

In putting together the credits for the "No time like the future" sleeve notes, Bluey took an unconventional approach by listing the musicians as "The Incognito Family"; a decision that initially caused confusion and is clarified on this web site by the man himself.

In keeping with this philosophy, the people who have contributed to Incognito over the years are listed below in alphabetical order and grouped by their 'primary' role in the band.

Thanks to Chris Jones for doing a lot of research!

Lead vocals
Christopher Ballin, Chyna, Imaani, Dianna Joseph, Jocelyn Brown, Joy Malcolm, Karen Bernod, Kelli Sae, Linda Muriel, Mark Anthoni, Maysa Leak, Pamela Anderson, Xavier Barnett

Background vocals
Barry Stewart, Bernita Turner, Charlise Rockwood, Claudia Fontaine, Elizabeth Gray, Elizabeth Troy, Lennox Cameron, Ogadinma Umelo, Paul Lewis, Ray Simpson, Sarah Brown, Sophia Jones, Valerie Etienne, Veronique DeMargary

Jean-Paul 'Bluey' Maunick

Alpheus Little, Julian Crampton, Paul 'Tubbs' Williams, Randy Hope-Taylor

Gary Sanctuary, Graham Harvey, Jim Watson, Michael Gorman, Peter Hinds, Ski Oakenfull

Andy Gangadeen, Gavin Harrison, Matthew Stuart, Richard Bailey

Chris Joris, Daniel Sadownick, Karl Vandenbossche, Louis Jardin, Maxton 'Gig' Beesley Jr., Snowboy, Thomas Dyani-Akuru

Alexander Pope Norris, Anthony Kadleck, Basilo Marquez, Dominic Glover, Donald Downs, Duncan McKay, Gerard Presencer, Greg Gisbert, Julio Enrique Padron, Kevin Robinson, Tim Hagans

Adrian Ravell, Bud Beadle, Chris DeMargary, Denys Babtiste, Ed Jones, Irving Acao, Jason Yarde, Patrick Clahar, Ray Carless, Roman Filiu, Ronnie Cuber, Snake Davies, Tim Ries

Ken Hitchcock, Ed Xiques, Rowland Sutherland

Adrian Fry, Avi Lebo Leibovich, Charles Gordon, Fayyaz Virji, Jimmy Bosch, Mark Nightingale, Matt Coleman, Michael Davies, Richard Edwards, Winston Rollins

Alex Rizzo, Daniel 'Venom' Maunick, Ray Hayden, Richard Bull, Simon Cotsworth, Tyrrell

Aaron Stowlow, Alexander Vselensky, Barry Finclair, Diane Monroe, Ellen Blair, Elliot Rosoff, Ivan Hussey, Jean Ingraham, Kurt Briggs, Kurt Coble, Marion Pinheiro, Marshall Coid, Ming Yeh, Myra Segal, Paul Woodiel, Rebekah Johnson, Rudy Perrault, Sandra Billingslea, Sanford Allen, Sara Loewenthal, Sheila Reinhold, Stanley Hunte, Stephen Hussey, Winterton Garvey, Xin Zhao, Yolisa Phale, Yuri Vodovoz

Carlos 'Soul Slinger', Claudia Rey, People of the Earth