InMe Albums

  • The Pride Album (2/20/2012)
    Reverie Shores
    Moonlit Seabed
    A Great Man
    Silver Womb
    Escape To Mysteriopa
    Beautiful Sky Gardens
    Halcyon Genesis
    You Had My Heart

  • Herald Moth Album (9/14/2009)
    You Won't Hear From Me Again
    Belief Revival
    Nova Armada
    All Terrain Vehicle
    Captain Killjoy
    The Art Of Moderation
    Single Of The Weak
    Ferocity In Desire
    Happy To Disappoint You
    I Will Honour You
    A Mouthful Of Loose Teeth
    Master Storm
    Love's Heartless Jest
    Secret Tragic Fiction

  • Daydream Anonymous Album (9/10/2007)
    Myths & Photographs
    I Won't Let Go
    Cracking The Whip
    In Loving Memory
    Daydream Anonymous
    Here's Hoping
    Raindrops On Stones
    Thanks For Leaving Me
    2nd Jonquil
    Toast To Broken Glass
    Papillon's Stalemate

  • White Butterfly Album (7/20/2005)
    7 Weeks
    So You Know
    This Town
    Faster The Chase
    You'll Get There
    White Butterfly
    Safe In A Room
    Just A Glimpse
    Almost Lost
    A World Apart

  • Overgrown Eden Album (2/3/2003)

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    Reviews about InMe albums

    inme white butterfly-wow! | Reviewer: hannah
        ------ About the album White Butterfly performed by InMe

    wow, what can i say? ive had the album for 3 days now and ive listened to it non stop when i wake up, during the day and before i go to sleep!!! It is utterly amazing.i didnt think anything could top the amazing album that was there first - overgrown eden but was i wrong ! They say the second album is one of the hardest things to write and will make or break you and inme have followed up there high expectations even after getting dropped after a long wait its finnally here. what ive been waiting for since last august when it was shedualled to come out!! this is definatly an album to get especially the limited edition as it has some top rare songs on that you cant miss
    so go out and buy it and watch out for the tour if you live in england!!
    if you want to cantact me you can but plz no offence and im only 15 btw
    hannah xxxx (15/f/uk)

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