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InMe are a band that have seen it all, they have witnessed the sometimes seedy foundations of a major label, they have had many lineup changes, and have searched for that independent attitude and have found it with flying colors. They are one of the hardest working bands around. Focused on progressive rock, the band were once hailed as a nu metal success story, but now have changed their genre. The progressive rock style really works, it has a great sheen, it embeds the mind, and the guitar work is some of the best around. The independent mentality is what makes InMe, they do everything themselves, they are a great vehicle for other bands, an iconic band in the underground scene, tapping into different genres, and grinding and grinding to find the right sound, they have done so, their sound has no limits.

Coming out of the cold county of Essex in London, the band threw out their first album ‘’Overgrown Eden’’ in 2003, which was a wild turning point for the band. It was a commercial success, and had many singles including the contagious and epic ‘’Firefly’’ and the blaring, bashful, but sweet sound of ‘’Underdose’’ the band where on a great journey, but it all ended with deflation. The bands singles aired on MTV, which gave InMe exposure to the rock masses, but the band started to hate the attention, and the major label they where under started to tell them what to do, which angered InMe. So the breakaway happened, InMe went their separate ways, and took their sweet sound to the underground.

InMe is an animal guided by front man Dave McPherson, a quiet, humble, but ultimately talented individual that has geared InMe to where they are today, on the map with a smaller mileage, he is a leader of a band that are creating a sound that is fit for bigger and more momentous arenas, but their happy to be performing in smaller, intimate venues. 2005 was the year the butterfly was born, the butterfly with the most magical wings, fluttered and basked. White Butterfly was a real gem of an album; I was a golden crust, an album with so much emotion, so much grace, so much passion, it really was a turning point, a point to a different angle in the bands music. White Butterfly contained songs like ‘’7 weeks’’ ‘’Parting Gift’’ ‘’Angels With Snipers’’ ‘’Faster The Chase’’ every song really had a place, a statement, and a gracious swing, it was a defining album for InMe.

White Butterfly gave InMe a new template, a chance to outdo it. With Daydream Anonymous, which was released on the 10th of September 2007, it was an album that was quickly shunted. It never received the same aura as White Butterfly, but did contain some stompers such as ‘’Cracking The Whip’’ and single ‘’I Wont Let Go’’ it was an input that lost grip with past contributions, but it wasn’t bad, it had its ballads, it had its rock charms, but it never sparked a musical onslaught. The character of the album was a dark, misguided soul, with no path. By putting their heart and soul into everything, Daydream Anonymous was a progressive listen that gave the back chills in some points; it really had its highlights. InMe where ready to head back into the recording studio, they were ready to sharpen their claws, and were ready to bring forth their most progressive album to date.

2009 brought forward the release of Herald Moth, an album that was so conceptual, so progressive, and so technical. InMe enlisted guitarist Ben Konstantinovic for the birth of the album. The album was born with a sweet cry; it was a technical, guitar driven catalogue. With such songs as a ‘’Mouthful Of Loose Teeth’’ ‘’All Terrain Vehicle’’ ‘’Single Of The Weak’’ the album was something of a statement against the arrogant hierarchy. Overall, InMe have seen the backdrop of the music industry, they have fought against it. Four records on, the band are still going strong, still guiding away into different musical dimensions, with gritted teeth and belief.

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Intense. | Reviewer: Lee Devlin | 2/3/10

I've been into InMe for about 6 years now, I have all of there albums and singles. Overgrown Eden is without a doubt my most favourite album of all time, Every song on that album is absolutely amazing. Unfortunately in my opinion they lost alot of appeal with White Butterfly, With every album since Overgrown Eden they've tried to show mature music. Unfortunately the 'immaturity' of Overgrown Eden was what made them unique to me, They had an explosive energy about there music. Don't get me wrong, I adore Daydream Anonymous and Herald Moth, but for me it's not on the same level as Overgrown Eden, and none of the singles have the same effect as 'Neptune' or 'Crushed Like Fruit'... But they are definetly still an amazing band, Dave's vocals will never be beaten, he puts so much thought and feeling into his lyrics.
Amazing band, hope they revert to there old style for some future songs/albums.


Inme-still got what it takes! | Reviewer: Tabby | 7/2/07

I have been a fan of Inme's for about 2 years now and I find their music incredibly unique and inspiring not to mention jam-packed with technical and musicial devices and influeneces.
I saw them play astoria 2005 and they were utterly amazing-by the far the best live gig i have ever seen-true talent in whipping up the crowds into a moshing frenzy and at other times a poignant and touching melodies.
keep up the good work despite joe morgans leaving-ure new stuff is great and seems heavier but will never forget the classics such as the early overgrown eden records.
awe-inspirirng-well worth going to see or look up if got time, will make your day and perhaps even ure year!

Inme are amazing | Reviewer: Steph | 4/25/05

I've seen inme 16 times now so i no that they are a bloody good band. Overgrown eden is an amazing album and i am eagerly awaiting their second album 'white butterfly'. Look out for their new release 7 weeks. Its sure to be amazing!!!!!

Inme not just pretty faces | Reviewer: Christy Rathbone | 1/10/05

I've Seen INME live With all 3 being fhotthey all hav loads of talent They will go far Overgrown Eden is a brilliant album .Aswel as putting effort into their songs the crowd could realy feel the emotion and the amount of loyal teens queing outside to see their favourite band for afew hours me being one of them it was totaly worth it.Bring on the next tour!i'm sure white Butterfly will be the ame .After all the label trouble they wnt through and the long awaited White Butterfly will soon be out im sure its gonna be good !!
They are the new biggest thing that you DON'T want to miss out on!Good luck to them the mager break through that we all needed and are showing young as well as old that they can do it!!!!
Add me if your a fan !!!!

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