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Sarah Fimm In the Red Lyrics

Last updated: 07/22/2004 09:14:24 PM

I’m kind of in a watercolor wasteland
The place you go to bow and pay the toll
A never-ending system of abrasions
Only there to control

The way you suck me up into a nightmare
The dirty way you cut me with a smile
I hate to admit how I love when you give it to me.

In the red
Crying out
At the edge
Looking down

Every single minute takes an hour
When you’re in the power of the beast
There’s hate breeding hatred inside of my head
And there’s not that much left to be said

In the red
Crying out
At the edge
Looking down

When you’ve fallen below all the shit you’ve been fed
And you feel like your gonna go mad
Then you know you have come out alive more than dead
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