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I'm hurting you again
Too lonely to pretend
Like everything is new
I promise you to
Blow it all away

In your world
No one is crying alone
In your world
No one is dying alone

Too broken to belong
too weak to sing along
I'll comfort you my friend
Helping you to
Blow it all away

In your world
No one is crying alone
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In your world
No one is dying alone

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in your world | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/14/11

I think think that this song is about people who
think that the world is fine because they dont want to see.
"In your world, nobodys crying/dying alone"
this fits in with that thoery. in his or hers own little world, everythings fine, and they dont want to see past there own petty problems to to see the worlds problems. Nobodyies suffering alone or dieing alone, things like that dont happen in there world.

what do you think?

hello thar | Reviewer: me | 12/13/10

The song seems to be about Kurt Cobain from the view point of heroin.

The chorus guitar riff is almost identical to "Drain You" by Nirvana.

I'm pretty sure Muse were big Nirvana fans in their early days as they sounded like them in old videos and how they are currently making a "Nirvana" inspired documentary for their current world tour.

This theory seems to fit perfectly.

"Ill comfort you my friend
Helping you to
Blow it all away."

I may be wrong, but it seems very plausible.

love muse! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/16/10

im absolutely addicted to Muse! I think their lyrics are as deep as the listener wants them to be. If your looking for meaning in their songs you find it, if you just want to listen to one AWESOME band then you can do that to; thats how versatile Muse are! Personally i think that this song seems to be talking about how hard it can be to accept the reality of a bad situation in life and how difficult it can be to accept that everyone has an ideal world but, unfortunatly it cant exist outside of your own mind.

Eagle | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/7/09

These lyrics have VERY deep meaning. It's interpreted various ways by everyone, I'm sure.

My own interpretation lies with a possible relationship I once had, but I didn't feel like it was meant to be, and I simply wanted it to "blow away" for good. I wanted to comfort them in the reality of it all, but they couldn't understand the whole ordeal. No one was "crying alone" in their world.

To go out and say they're just there to be sung easily... It's a disgrace. It's a laughable accusation. Why would Muse EVER want an "easy" song to sing? Have they ever composed a song to just make it easy? No. They push alternative for what it's worth, and this song is simply phenomenal.

best | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/10/07

this is the best song ever. it just gives the creeps.
Muse are the best band of 90s and 2000

In Your World | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/14/07

This song is very deep!
Those who do not see its deepness are blinded.
Listen to it properly and hear its deepness!

In Muse World | Reviewer: Little Mo | 4/30/07

very catchy song, love the guitars, but the lyrics don't seem to be deep
maybe there was kinda message, but words are too simply to be sth more than catchy phrases easy to sing.

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