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Dog sick tired of hearing that noise
Your hideous shrill nerve racking voice
But oh my god you're so fine
Never sinned never wrong high class divine
Well look at me what do you see
Another toll free living fucking dead beat
Close your eyes decontaminate
Your soul from the toxic waste
Exterminate abnormality
Care for what you call reality
But you will always forget
The one thing I'd like you to know
I don't give a flying fuck motherfucker
I don't give a flying fuck motherfucker
I don't give a flying
I don't give a flying
I don't give a flying fuck
One step away from having a fit
With your phony double talk all over my shit
Can you hold my crazy as I go
So fuck hypocrisy and fuck you too
Say one more word, I double dare you
(Bring it on! ) it's my world, you're in it
It'll take you down in a minute
You can alter your look, diversify your race
But the truth stings like a bitch slap in your face

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The lyrics | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/31/12

You do have a few mistakes. In the beginning, the lyrics are "Dog sick tired of hearing that noise! You're the essence of a nerve-racking voice! But oh my god you're so fine! Never siege, never riot, I must defy!"

HateCrewForEver | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/23/12

"What the hell is this | Reviewer: jekyl" You sir,are a fucking idiot.Every band does change,there's no idea to stay the same way as they used to be.Every band does change,you can't say their new stuff sucks compared to their old.Of course some people think so,but all of´╗┐ their albums have good songs,Relentless Reckless Forever - Was It Worth It,Blooddrunk - Tie My Rope, Are You Dead Yet - Living Dead Beat, Hate Crew Deathroll - Needled 24/7,Follow the Reaper - Hate Me!, Hate Breeder - Children Of Bodom, Something Wild - Lake Bodom etc. Their style has maybe changed,but it is still the old and same band. COBHC FOR EVER.

Death Psycho | Reviewer: Ron Kajari | 5/10/11

Dont anyone need to say that Alexi Laiho------->the best metal guitarist in the world.....for those who not seen in live concert....take a look at this video....indeed we're formin' a Heavy Metal band beyond the cover sites of COB & BFMV.....which was named------->Death Psycho......we're searching for a drummer.....

What the hell is this | Reviewer: jekyl | 11/3/10

Seriously since when COB turned into linking park 0o 'i don't give a fuck' 'i wont be ignored' etc ... what is this shit. HANDS DOWN on this album
I agree some bands try out new 'styles' of playing.. but this... this is epic fail. COB used to play COB and not metal! If it pays them to feed the sheep with this crap then so be it. COB - In the Shadows.. Cheers! if there is still anyone listening this band .... Alexi still remains one of the geniuses for me

Whats Your Problem? | Reviewer: Max | 5/7/10

@ Ken. Whats wrong with the lyrics? I think its about people who change their looks and beleifs to run away from the truth, but eventually they will need to accept who they are. Thats fucking deep for a metal song. So im not sure where you're finding fault with the songwriting.

It Doesn't Matter | Reviewer: Slipknot Is God | 5/29/09

Why do you people care about what word is right or wrong. The dude who saw COB live was right. I saw them at the Unholy Alliance Tour, and on the Gigantour, so the dude who saw them is right. It is a fuckin excellent song. Heavy riff, bad-ass solos, all rapped up by Alexi's crunchy vocals. What more could you ask for in a fuckin metal song?

well | Reviewer: ken | 1/2/09

fkn awesome song bar the fact the lyrics are absolute fucking shit. i never thought such terrible lyrics could actually make a metal song worse but here's a prime example of below sub-par songwriting doing just that. aside from that enormous blow to the face, crazy song with a really heavy riff.

OMG you dumb fucks | Reviewer: Josh Hazelip | 11/23/07

Alright for all u wannabe know it all its fucking
"diversify your image" i've seen them live 4 times i think i should know as well as backstage and personal interview with alexi laiho. So if theres any more say about it being rage of race ur rong.

THESE LYRICS | Reviewer: RyMo | 11/13/07

are correct, so stop being mongoloids people.

get this straight | Reviewer: El Tweako | 10/30/07

It's most deffinately "diversify your IMMAGE"

if you hear anything else, i suggest you forget any lyrics you've heard before and try again!

hmmmm | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/26/07

i'm not really sure...
i dont really think thats all correct...
i think it is supposed to be 'you're soft but no time to waste' instead of 'you're gone but it's not too late.' I'M NOT SURE!

maybe... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/4/07

i'm not sure, but i think that "Can you hold my crazy as I go?" is "Can u hold my pretty as i do?"...maybe... =/

hmmmm | Reviewer: MetallicA | 5/18/07

im almost sure 'its diversify your image' and 'the truth, seems like, a bitch slap in your face!' forgive me if im wrong but ive always known it as being that.

chorus | Reviewer: word | 3/4/07

diversify your rage
not image

Yeah! | Reviewer: Mary | 9/24/06

One of my favourites, but the text isn't totally correct, I gave some suggestions I hope, if hadn't made any errors:)

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