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Yes In The Presence Of Lyrics

Last updated: 05/16/2011 11:00:00 AM

Deeper than every ocean
Deeper than every river
That's what your presence brings to me

Revealing the words I listen
Seeing you in my silence
Learning I'm with you constantly
As I was before

If we were flowers
We would worship the sun
So why not now?
This high is shining brightly
Brighter than before

As the door was open wide
There inside was a diamond chair
Where I sat when I was young
I wrote down the words

Only when the young at heart
Can enter the real world
This chance I've waited for
For you to see

If I had chances I would spend them with you
To hold you close and let your love surround me
Deeper than before

(Deeper than every ocean)
And I know this love is real
(Deeper than every river)
Realize this is meant to be
That's what your eyes they say to me
You are listening to how I feel
So expectedly
(Brighter than every morning)
From the ocean to the sky
(Beautiful as the sunset)
Every river to the sea
Nature surrounds me constantly
We can hear love constantly
This is for you and me

Turn around and come deeper now
So what happens when I touch you there
You feel the words roll over you
Thinking of the better scenes
The memories
As everybody else just
Hasn't got the time
To help you anymore

'Cause if the reason for
The things that pleasure us
To please ourselves
Not pressure us
To give our ego
Some pleasure time

Can you imagine
Any reason
To know you're only fooling yourself
And then you'll understand why
You'll understand why

So if we choose to realize
All existence is a dream
This perfect resume to you
From me

Just had a tough time with magic
The death of ego
The moon
It was just coming through

Send me such a good time
In a letter form, tell me
The pleasure, no pressure
Pure imagination in a metaphoric dream

I get amazed like a true beginner
I get amazed like a true believer
I get amazed when I see you there
And I come alive

I believe I'm a true beginner
I believe I'm a true beginner
In your arms I can see it all
I can see it all

If we were flowers
We would worship the sun
So why not now?
This light is burning brightly
This light is burning brightly
Brighter than before
Brighter than before
Brighter than before
Brighter than before

Turn around and remember that
When it gets so low
As you finally hit the ground

Turn around and remember that
Now I'm standing tall
Standing on my sacred ground

Turn around and remember that
When it gets so low
As you finally hit the ground

Turn around and remember that
Now you're standing tall
Standing on sacred ground
Standing on sacred ground
Standing on sacred ground

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Help | Reviewer: Terri | 5/14/11

Loved the concert shown from Amsterdam on Direct TV, ION concert series. Does anyone know if that performance can be purchased on DVD, and if the song, "In the presence of..." is of the same quality as the DVD concert? Love Yes, and have since 69... Amazing artists, such vision....
Thanks, Terri

In The Presence Of | Reviewer: Kelly | 11/17/10

I saw Yes for the first time in 1971 at The Warehouse in New Orleans. Something told me at the time that this was a band that would go a long way. I never fathomed that 40 years later they would still be going strong. I happened upon a cable channel recently which was showing a Yes concert from Amsterdam from 2002, I believe. Anyway one of the songs shown on the performance was "In The Presence Of". It blew me away. The music and the lyrics are some of the best work Yes has done over their 40 years together. As is with most songs, interpretation is left up to the listener to fit his or her own strong feelings of the lyrics. To me "In The Presence Of" is about my relationship with Jesus Christ and his love and saving grace for me. I also believe that Jon Anderson is a vital part of the group and hope that somehow he, Chris, Alan, Steve and Rick can get back together for some more touring. I, for one, would definitely be there for a great time of music.

This song was particulary haunting and pressient . | Reviewer: Lee | 10/1/09

Did anyone look at he release date of Magnification?

I'm not so sure that they aren't clairvoyant.

Clairvoyant or not, Steve Howe is a genius. I saw the tour for this album in Kansas City - my 7th Yes concert. Watching Wakeman with reading glasses, reading sheet music, to play the orchestra was kinda funny.... until I needed to pull out my reading glasses myself to complete a transaction at the bar.

Chris Squire doesn't jump as high as he did in the '70s on stage but then again I don't either. The bass line from On the Silent Wings of Freedom got a huge applause during a medely.

Alan White was Alan White, steady and supurb.

Sadly Jon seemed un-enthused. I suppose it was the venue of about 5,000 gray beards like me. The funny thing was that I was seated next to a late teen / early 20's aged college girl that drove over 300 miles to see Alan White. She was a drummer herself and she was as enthusiastic as I was.

The music and the talent is timeless.

My 2 cents,


YES is like fine wine....they get better with age | Reviewer: Hollis | 6/30/09

"In The Presence Of" is one of the most definitive songs to ever grace a YES CD,DVD,or vinyl for that matter. It has become one of if not my most favorite song. The first time I saw YES was in the summer of '73. That tour spun off YESSONGS and I became a rabid fan. Thirty six years and almost 20 concerts later, this is the most ingenious and prolific band I have ever seen. It is a travesty that this group is not in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and something needs to be done about this. YES was twenty years before their time and no one, with the exception of Pink Floyd(who by the way is in the RRHOF)has produced anywhere close to the exceptional body of work that this band has. I encourage all YES fans to write long and often to the RRHOF so this group of guys in any and all of the YES incarnations, will get the deserving and long overdue induction into the Hall.

Yes Synthesis | Reviewer: Dan Ashe | 11/19/08

I just saw Yes perform in Baltimore, the "In the Present" tour, 2008. They were very wonderful. However, without Jon, that certain element of blessing, just isn't there. This song, synthesizes the incredible synergy and message of Yes. "In the Presence of" contains such emotion, simplicity, yet layering for me. I can hear influence from the Going for the One album, as well as the intensity of CTTE, Yessongs, AYAI. Pray that Jon returns with Rick, Chris, Steve and Alan. Long live Yes!

Not about 9/11 | Reviewer: cyberian khatru | 4/16/07

Everywhere I see the lyrics for this song, it has a reference at the beginning to 9/11. This song, while full of foreshadowing and almost a dead bullseye to the events and feelings of 9/11, was written in 2000 and released BEFORE 9/11 in 2001. I heard the song live in Portsmouth Va on 8/19/01. It was tremendous and made me think of my hometown and growing up there (a small town 60 miles south of the venue).

Anyway, a great song and wonderful lyrics...but not about 9/11.

Wow | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/20/06

It's really amazing when a band can produce incredible stuff early on, and still 30+ years later still surprise you. Yes did that with Magnification, and it was summed up beautifully with In the Presence Of. This song ranks up there with classics like And You and I, Heart of the Sunrise, and even Close to the Edge. I couldn't believe how well the orchestra seemed to merge with the classic Yes sound and to me it was almost like a swirling feeling. To all Troopers who think modern Yes is nowhere near the music of the 70's, put aside your biases and listen to this song. You won't be sorry.

In the presence of... Yes at their best | Reviewer: Alan Starkie | 8/30/05

After following Yes since the early 70's during their meteoric rise, songs of beauty & mystery were followed by a more conventional watered down rock style during the 80's & 90's. I discovered this song almost by accident - as soon as I heard it I was hooked. Back again are those magical lyrics by Jon Anderson, the wonderful melodies from the old days - if you hark for the old days listen to this song...