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Carole King In The Name Of Love Lyrics

Last updated: 04/24/2013 01:04:58 PM

Do the things you believe in
In the name of love
And know that you aren't alone
We all have doubts and fears

Know throughout every season
You are the name of love
And you'll keep on feeling at home
Throughout the coming years

Change is for certain
This we all know
Each day opening the curtain
On a brand new show

Through your sorrow and grieving
Don't forget the name of love
It goes on without any end

Birth and life and death make a circle
We are all part of
To see the light everlasting
Live in the name of love

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Life Everlasting | Reviewer: Dr. David Polnick | 4/22/13

Fourteen months ago, my lovely wife of 38 years entered life everlasting after three long and short years years living with Alzheimer's. This song was mentioned in the book To Heaven and Back by Dr. Mary Neal. The lyrics of this short and simple song has given me inner peace during my grieving. Thanks Carole for giving me and others a reinforcing assurance of Love and Life Everlasting. God is Love.