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Big Boi In The A Lyrics

Last updated: 11/26/2012 03:13:49 PM

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Ft. Ludacris & T.I.

I keep you play while some used to play you safe
boy shake the rest so may as risky bitches in the A
I keep you play while some used to play you safe
boy shake the rest so may as risky bitches in the A
in the A, in the A, in the A, in the A
A, in the A, in the A, in the A, in the A.
A, in the A, in the A, in the A, in the A.
A, in the A, in the A, in the A, in the A.

[Big Boi:]
Bank it nigga, the bank that nigga
looking for a several while I ate that nigga
I’m looking for the money with the bank that nigga,
I’m trippin’ OG I break that nigga,
I’m cold run through the city on four,
better chace and roll for the bitches in the hoe,
hangin up in the ..of the Bentley I jasmine
not a big drop I’m stuck in the blunt,
I go G keep rollin, ain’t we ballin’
got a pole with a nigga beggin’ that fallin’
nigga that day G ain’t like shawty,
don’t speak that cocaine like shawty,
said they on fire they play like shawty,
blow don’t go insane I’m into,
blowin’ presidential, 20 bricks off intervention,
we official 80 ally, is was cleany ain’t the..
the EA on that..what telling me go..
go what trap nigga shit I did,
say you wanna..bricks I bet I get it
get to ..get my city, came ING bitch best get with it,
..go get it, swag so..chciks on dick I’m rapped up with it
got a house full across they stacked up with,
got a Louie V bag they stuck up with it,
big diamonds in my cuban they gonna be what we gonna shooting,
in the A is ..we some landin best salute me man


Came shit buck is buckin on the motherf*ckin be goddamn it
I, ain’t loss my yall dances
ball I dance ..and not the only that it called me ..
I..with the diamond in the back of the sun roof top,
my diamonds..I need the sun won’t stop
shine brighter rhyme tighter if anybody at your top ten my..
my nigga like a postman I deliver
see I the letter with the bricks in it, pass that hit it
nigga I take a number with a.. they gonna take a bomb shawty,
I ..they wanna jump off, and get down be brand new in
brand new again never..again
oh when I was little what I had was a oh so, oh go
why was so pimp in the whole stole,
not that slow cope, and you’re loco and I’m global,
that means world wide like a ride sometimes is gonna..
sometimes it rides again like clock work
see ball is gonna tell you how to .. will pack unwillin,
no violence just stilin’ hope
from the burb place to end up cake,
when everything ain’t okay, but KKK,
I’m on out with the Martin,
come get some the target standing in the kitchen with the AK, ALK


It feels the A town come on reminiscence if you wanna play with death
it get stunned like the crocodile hunter,
got the racks s;laggin them packs
and know we can’t lead the sacks alone higher than assistant
’cause my weed need a shaporone
and then Bib Boi pass the lighter
I’m convinced that we started the California brush fires
1 2 and it don’t stop, so many whips in my cribs,
you chick came to bitch started roll block
spend the cash so fast you think I’m fullest
and I love chicks with asshole and hearts like Saint Louis,
got chicks huggin my nuts like a speed though,
’cause when I’m on the mike I go for broke like To
but we know I’m reachin paper bills at my mother house
Atlanta cribs jealous ’cause I’m chillin’ at my other house,
yeah you may be able to outtrap me,
none of you niggas will ever I’ll outrap me.


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