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Simply stated - IN PIECES creates modern, emotional
hardcore devoid of pretense and clich├ł and they deliver it
with poise, honesty, and integrity that belies their
relative youth.

IN PIECES first took shape in February 2000 when a musical
shift in a previous band left drummer TJ Orscher, guitarist
Scott Gibson, and bassist Steve Butcher searching for a new
direction. Guitarists Val Loper and Rick Quagliaroli were
brought in and Gibson moved from guitar to vocals.

With the change in members came a renewed sense of
enthusiasm and a More...

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Reviews about In Pieces songs

this songs is hott! (: | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song The Personification Of My Heart performed by In Pieces

okayyy check it out yoo (:
this song is truly awesome. it tells excactly about my life (love life)
and I think you did a great job with the lyrics.
but I was trying to find some alliteration in here for a project,but I couldn't find any. but idc this song rocks anyways...keep rockin!!! (:

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