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In Pieces Biography

Last updated: 05/03/2008 12:00:00 PM

Simply stated - IN PIECES creates modern, emotional hardcore devoid of pretense and clichÈ and they deliver it with poise, honesty, and integrity that belies their relative youth.

IN PIECES first took shape in February 2000 when a musical shift in a previous band left drummer TJ Orscher, guitarist Scott Gibson, and bassist Steve Butcher searching for a new direction. Guitarists Val Loper and Rick Quagliaroli were brought in and Gibson moved from guitar to vocals.

With the change in members came a renewed sense of enthusiasm and a broader range of influence and ideas and the quintet began writing anew. The resulting material explored a more-developed melodic sense and started the variation/experimentation with dynamics and sounds.

A limited press 7" surfaced that spring. Composed of earlier songs and a different lineup, the 7" shared little more than name and geography with the new IN PIECES.

In the late summer, IN PIECES released a two-song demo and, later that winter, a five-song demo entitled A Broken Promise to Last a Lifetime. Both illustrated the bands progressive step-forward in songwriting and direction.

A Broken Promise to Last a Lifetime brought the band to the forefront of the Northeast hardcore scene. When the dust settled, IN PIECES had reached an agreement to release A Broken Promise... on a split CD with CRAIG. That split CD, named How To Make a Human Heart, surfaced in the winter 2001 and quickly sold out of its initial pressing.

After the release, IN PIECES began playing through the Northeast whenever possible, playing with such established bands as HATEBREED, ALKALINE TRIO, THURSDAY, CAVE IN and GLASSJAW. Additionally, the band continued writing, amassing material for their first full-length.

IN PIECES kicked off their first tour in June of 2001. The summer tour (supporting FROM AUTUMN TO ASHES and THIS DAY FORWARD) took the band throughout the Northeast US over two + weeks, also playing the 2001 HELLFEST in Syracuse, NY.

In early winter 2001, the band entered God City Studios with producer Kurt Ballou (who also recorded A Broken Promise...) to record and produce their first full-length Learning To Accept Silence for Escape Artist.

A collection of ten memorable, energetic songs, the full length is musically developed beyond the bands scare three-year history and members average age of 21.

Songs such as 'Your Switch To the Sun', 'A Fitting Lie', 'The Anchor', and 'Heaven and a Gun' are perfectly constructed vehicles that showcase the quintet's dynamic arrangements, melodic flourishes, powerful drumming and heartfelt vocals.

The band followed up the full length with extensive touring, but lineup changes ended up sidelining the band for much of 2002. It is no exaggeration to say that most bands would not have lasted through the trials that In Pieces was put through; nevertheless, the band soldiered on, joining forces with longtime friends Rob Morales, on bass, and Dan Barrett, on vocals, to create a dedicated and fiercely dynamic lineup.

The band then went on to tour the U.S. during the summer of 2003 with WHEN DREAMS DIE, with several more exciting tours currently in the works. The band plans to release a new e.p. sometime in the winter of 2003.

Though just an introduction, Learning to Accept Silence is resoundingly vital and, accompanied by the bands' emotional live show, cements IN PIECES' place as one of hardcore's most exciting new bands.