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George Jones In Person Lyrics

Last updated: 06/11/2010 12:00:00 PM

(Liz Anderson)
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You gave the heart you gave to me in person
You made the vows you made to me in person
Then when your love has lost all its glow
You said your friend to let me know
I wish you would have told me so in person
I placed my ring upon your hand in person
I should have got it back again in person
But so afraid my tears would start
You said your friend to do your part
You really should have broke my heart in person
If love is gone then I can't understand
But it hurts so much to hear it second hand
I once appeared at your front door in person
But I won't appear there anymore in person
And though you send someone you knew
To tell me that our love was through
I know I'll still be missing you in person
I know I'll still be missing you in person
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