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B5 In My Bedroom Lyrics

Last updated: 02/18/2008 11:00:00 AM

Patrick: sittin in my bedroom (2x)

Patrick verse 1

Never been known as a playa
But ain’t nobody gonna say it
(got my share)
but we ain’t even gots to go there now
u was so contagious
always looking famous
you took my heart I swear
never saw it comin when u said u was gone ohh girl


Thought it was all about love
Never thought that u would waste it all
Never knew how it felt
But I can’t take it


Got me sittin in my bedroom
Tryna get over you
But do u still think about me
Sittin in my bedroom
Tryna get over u but I can’t
Stop thinking bout
Don’t wanna know I can’t do without

Patrick verse 2:

All my friends they told me
That u was bout to show me
( never knew but I didn’t even know)
but I know that my heart is so
turn up that I can’t stand it
so mixed up but I still let it
get me but here I stand



Ya played wit my heart girl
And I don’t understand why
Still in my heart u are the
Girl I want to be in my life

Chorus (2x)