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Jimmy Nevis In Love With You Lyrics

Last updated: 06/16/2013 01:53:22 PM

I’m in love with you girl
Only one in the world
You got me trippin over your love
The only thing that I’m thinking of
It’s that thing that you do
That keeps me falling for you
I can’t help thinking that you’re the one
You can’t help thinking about me

Everybody say
We going at it like
Yeah --------------
When the moment is tight, and you’re feeling alright
And you got to, cause you want to, cause you have to, and your body’s saying
Oh -------
We going at it like
Yeah ----------
All the chicks and the dudes
If you’re feeling in the mood
Put your hands up
And show me what’s good

There’s a feeling tonight
Feeling tonight, going tonight like
I, I, I, I said I’m in love with you
I, I, I, I said I’m in love with you
Hold on, feelings so strong
Feeling so strong
Keep going on like
I, I, I, I said I’m in love with you
I, I, I, I said I’m in love with you

So we might go too far
Take a spaceship to mars
Or if you like we could just stay in
And catch a movie but not like friends
Let’s not think this thing through
This is long overdue
Let’s take a trip wherever this goes
Right from your fingers down to your bones

Is it the way you make me feel this way
Or is it the way you make me say your name
I wanna make your dreams come true
Show you what real good loving can do
This one goes out to me and you

Said I’m in love with you
Said I’m in love with you, ooh ooh ooh

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Love You Jimmy | Reviewer: Miss Love Everything | 6/16/13

I Love this song...It has teriffic lyrics...I know he is not like Bruno Mars or sumthing but he has his own style and I like it...I would just like 2 hear more songs of him...I'll definitely buy his CD...U just hav 2 b a Jimmy nevis fan

kwl song | Reviewer: nellz ... | 5/8/13

dis song is jst anotha gr8 song by jimmy nevis ... I hv ntn bad 2 say ..i listen 2 it almst 20tyms a day till sumthn evn beta by hm catches my eardrums ....he shud keep up wit his gud lyrics ,music

MMmmmmmm | Reviewer: Jayler-Kane | 3/17/13

Ohk the song is but make me loss interest in listerning to it .. Don't get me wrong I like this song all it needs is a up beat. AAll it needs is faster beat but other wise I LUV THIS SONG