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Lundy, Fastnet, Irish Sea
I've got a message I can't read
another message I can't read [x2]

I'm on your side
Nowhere to hide
Trap doors that open
I spiral down

You're living in a fantasy world [x2]

I'm lost at sea
Don't bother me
I've lost my way
I've lost my way

You're living in a fantasy world [x3]

The most beautiful woman in the world

Cobwebs [x3]
(Lundy, Fastnet Irish Sea
I've got a message I can't read
Another message I can't read
Another message I can't read)

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Yeah! | Reviewer: Shashan | 4/24/13

I've seen Thom Yorke in an interview explaining this song, as an artistic explanation of an endless feeling of being lost and not being able to find your way out from all the terrible things that stuck in our minds. It's like being trapped in a deep confusion with nothing to do. in Limbo

Incred | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/11/12

Hey man, a fucking interpretation is to give your perspective on what the song means. It doesn't have to hold true in any other format or in any other mind to be valid. People aren't trying to tell you the facts of this song, but rather the things they imagine it to be about. In limbo is fucking incredible, in a way so thouroughly vague, that in its beauty are the endless places of possibility the mind can go while listening to it.
My favorite band
The most original and fantastic music that has been made thus far. Period.

hm | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/2/11

you fucking retards stop interpretating if you had seen the interview with thom yorke on kid a youd know that in limbo and everything in its right place and some others were just for the melody,he threw the words just in..

Best song ever made | Reviewer: ßìk.. | 5/22/10

The best song from the best album indeed.Their albums 'Kid A' & 'Amnesiac' are the best.In Limbo has many musical instruments used in it.If one would try to differentiate all those sounds,only then would the complexity of the song be understood.Again,Thom Yorke's voice is heavenly.Radiohead are the modern day Beatles who are genuinely increasing the scope of modern music.

YES!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/28/09

yeah man. i feel like the title "in limbo" is that point just after the peak of any drug experience. When you're not completely gone from reality but you're not sober yet. You're just "in limbo." and the lyrics, "im lost at sea" "got a message i cant read" "living in a fantasy world" "i spiral down." it has to be an acid or mushroom trip. or even an intense bowl smoke-age.

music is magic | Reviewer: Janice | 4/19/09

I also think of the transition between songs numbers 5-7 (8 and 9 too) a drug experience. Treefingers is great to listen to while outside... everything seems to slow down... everything seems so beautiful... then comes optimistic and gears me up to take on the world... and then that moves into In Limbo and just takes me off to another world. It's wonderful. the interpretation by some anonymous person seems to be right on. I feel like that sometimes. I know I can get lost in my head but sometimes I'd rather stay there.

Whats not to love | Reviewer: Britt | 4/10/09

yes, radioheads music is more than just music. its art. all of they're songs have different elements that make them individually amazing. this song has no words to describe just how good it is, as well as their other songs. i need to see them live.

Possible meaning for this song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/29/09

I looked up some of the imagery in this song. I think i know what it means. He gets a little crazy after being at sea too long between england and irelan, see's the Fastnet (a lighthouse on lundy island) and refuses to understand it. another message he refuses to read, or to acknowledge understanding of.
maybe someone sees him and tries to help him, or maybe he is shouting at the lighthouse saying when he says "dont bother me, im lost at sea"
it is another person talking to him when they say "you're living in a fantasy world"
the beginning is him mumbling to himself, then he yells at the lighthouse, then they try to help him and he tells them to go away, then he goes back to being distresfully lost at sea.

heaven | Reviewer: Donald | 12/28/08

listening to optimistic play into in limbo is not just listening to music, its a drug experience. I can play in limbo on acoustic but the timing of the lyrics is so difficult I only seem to nail it when I'm buy myself at 3 a.m. after drinking. And thats actually fine with me if that's the only time I nail it.

masterpiece | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/23/08

radiohead is the only band that goes beyond creating music. it's always more than music.
this song is a masterpiece. and to think that it is completely different from the tracks of ok computer... innovative and courageous.

In Limbo - Some sort of Wierd Technological Breakthrough | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/11/05

I think that In Limbo is probably the best tracks on Kid A (and has the best lyrics) It's also barking mad. Hoorah!

Amazing song off an amazing album from an amazing group | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/12/04

What else is there to say? Radiohead proved their versatility with Kid A and the album is solid, through and through. In Limbo is no exception.

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