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It was the year 1990, Jesper decided to take leave of the
band Ceremonial Oath, that he was currently in, together
with Anders Fridén and Anders Iwers (Tiamat)

He wanted to make music in a different direction, and he
teamed up with Johan Larsson and Glenn Ljungström to
form IN FLAMES. The gang made a demo and shipped it off to
Wrong Again records in order to get a record-deal, which
they did. The owner of the company enjoyed the music so
much that he immediately gave them a deal over the phone,
as they rang him up one night. More...

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Review about In Flames songs
Meaning | Reviewer: Slash
    ------ About the song Come Clarity performed by In Flames

This song means that we all got an awsome life if we move our lazy asses and do something usefull with our time ... spare your energy for something that got a meaning and can get you somewhere !

Nostradamus | Reviewer: KP
    ------ About the song Dawn Of A New Day performed by In Flames

It just goes to show, you can see anything you want to see if you try hard enough. Twist hard enough and anything will lose its shape.. even words. Communist? Perhaps.. I bet you believe Romeo & Juliet was a love story, that the CIA had John Lennon killed and Nostradamus was anything other than a alchemist huffed up on fumes.

sad and lonely but there will be dawn anyway | Reviewer: Jeremy
    ------ About the song Dead Alone performed by In Flames

It is the song. that shows how lonesome man can be in this world of frustration/ It is the experience of some person who we don't know and never will. But Light comes always after Darkness.

However long the night, the dawn will break!

epic | Reviewer: Thepeca
    ------ About the song Ordinary Story performed by In Flames

Personally i never liked In-Flames that much, but this song, this track alone made them big in my eyes. This is perfect. It reflects the morally rotten world as it is, and it's music is written to emotionally reinforce that feeling with a nice groove and melody on top.. its just perfect. Give it a listen if you didnt yet. Its an epic classic.

glam? | Reviewer: vandila ind
    ------ About the song My Sweet Shadow performed by In Flames

If your going to cry about your lady feelings please call it glam music inflames is a discrace to medolic death metal
PS metal up your ass rip cliff I'm sorry this is the metal we give you :(

I am the chosen pessimist | Reviewer: The Pessimist
    ------ About the song The Chosen Pessimist performed by In Flames

I felt all the emotion with this song. As a person who sees life in such a negative way this song impacts me. Everything you do is a failure in some way, maybe someone didn't like it or the plan in your mind wasn't the result. As a pessimist you cannot see who is your friend or just put up with you and the situation your read into too much and you question everything, normally coming up with the worst senario.

Second chapter is the choices in life, you love some and hate others but on the hard days you follow the path of hate, on the easier days its love. The happy vs the sad.

Third chapter is a very very depressive thought, "I'm the burden" which I personally feel in every single situation. My other half is 'The Halo' but always in my mind I cannot feel it, I'm the bad guy all the time in every single situation... He's the good guy... But that doesn't matter because having someone there helps to rip you from the dark depressive situation you are in.

The trials and tribulations is the anger being released hence the lore aggressive playing. I personally find life a struggle and full of judgement, fly from here could relate to suicide as then the trial is over.

The part saying carving your name in stone means its permanent and the feeling of pessimism and depression will never change.

This is my interpretation of the song, one which I think perfectly matches my feelings of the world where everything which could go wrong went wrong. I cannot remember when I have been positive about anything and even when I tried lying about my pessimism I still got caught out.

its something | Reviewer: dd
    ------ About the song Clayman performed by In Flames

I thing he is also singing about his depression. He is both unsure
what to do and dislikes that every one else are fine. He try's to be confident but soon it vanish. When he feels there is something that keeps him from getting up from the deprecation state and he needs someone to help him get rid of it before he gets mad.

To all jesterheads | Reviewer: woodbear
    ------ About the song Abnegation performed by In Flames

in flames has changed their sound a lot, but as anders says, they make music that they think is good, for people that like it. if u like it, GREAT, come see them live and have a good time. if u dislike in flames due to their new stuff, do not interact with the band itself nor their fans, find another band that u like and listen to them in stead of hating

@stromblad | Reviewer: Ivebeenthinkin'
    ------ About the song Come Clarity performed by In Flames

That's exactly how i've thought about these lyrics since the release. Alcoholic in his 30s, talking to a psychologist or something about his drinking problems. He wants help and someone to lead him to a right path. He starts his every day by saying "I'm certain i'd change today" but still he doesn't. He's also asking himself if his life would be any better without alcohol.

My opinioon | Reviewer: Kieta
    ------ About the song Zombie Inc. performed by In Flames

To me this song talks about the mainstream and how people in the world are so easy to follow and are easily persuaded. if you continue to follow, when the time comes for this world to fall, you will fall with it. Zombie inc to me are is what television tells you what you should look like, how to talk, what to eat, who's better than who, what career you should take, and what religion you should follow. Time to wake up guys, the end is nigh!! "for those who cling to this domination will partake in it's fall......"

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