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Hear me now

Bearing down
Upon a path we choose
Chosen from the start
Living different rules

Something to cherish true
Will not succumb to doubts
That I hold onto

Release the fear of my
In so much pain
Give me the will to fight
Every obstacle that I have inside
Release the fear and

Hear me now
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Words I vow
No fucking regrets

Fuck these chains
No god damn slave
I will be different

I'll stand here defiantly
My middle finger raised
Fuck your prejudice

All my life
Always I've felt alone
Conditioned to believe
That I'm always wrong
Only truth
Will help to set me free
My every weakness
I must turn into strength

Every rage, every tear
In so much hate
Never that pain will bind me
Ask of myself if I've the will to unwind
Every rage and tear

Hear me now
Words I vow
No fucking regrets

Fuck these chains
No god damn slave
I will be different

I'll stand here defiantly
My middle finger raised
Fuck your prejudice

Carved upon my stone
I will go on
Patience, belief
Love will ascend

Just listen to it
Voice so true, inside calling
To stand you up and march you on
Keep from falling
Let go your sorrow
Sun will shine, this I promise
Rising tomorrow

Hear me now
I'm taking back the control
Of my
Life from societies hold
I vow
No more will I be a slave
Rise to
Challenge the whole human race

My spirit you cannot break

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educational | Reviewer: Teacher | 3/15/13

Just have to mention it here. I'm a teacher for a class of 8 year old kids. We were having a wish concert on the Smart-board, after 3 versions of Gangnam Style, I asked them if they wanted to hear something different, then I put on this song. (Their english knowledge is very limited so far, so didn't mind the cursing in the song.)

They loved it!

As a friend of mine said:"there is hope."

Top 2? Psh try 1 | Reviewer: Demo360 | 1/27/12

This is defiantly the most angry fucking heaviest song on my iPod. Ive had it since I first heard them back on 07 and I've been hooked on them ever since. Machine fucking head forever!!! <333

army | Reviewer: duarte | 1/17/12

Just listen to it
Voice so true inside calling
To stand you up and march you on
Keep from falling
Let go your sorrow
Sun will shine, this I promise
Rising tommorow

makes me tinks of soldiers, they depend alot in tehir buddies during battle and even in the HQ

<3 Rob Flynn <3 | Reviewer: Rachel | 3/11/10

I love Machine Head!
It started with my ex boyfriend saying you'll like machine head because they are like an agressive metallica, well needless to say i am a massive metallica fan and machine head kicked ass when they supported metallica at the MEN arena, Manchester...
I now absolutely love machine head!! I listen to them every day on the long lonely walk to work, i think its very funny when i walk past a bunch of 'chavs' and they hear a snippet of machine head as i pass them and they just have a really confused face as i dont look like the type to listen to metal...
Rob Flynn is GORGEOUS!!! =D <3

Long live Machine Fucking Head!!!

IMPERIUM IS BRUTAL | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/4/09

This song is the best song of Trash Metal. I didn´t know the lyric, and it is the greater.

Many interpretations, but one idea, don´t let they fuck you. And this world really fuck us, we would have to find a better way

Optimus Alive | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/30/09

they performed here in portugal about almost two months ago, and it was simply brutal! they started of with this song, what was epic. we made a GIANT pit there, it was like 30m wide or so, it was fuckin awesome

imperium rocks | Reviewer: joey from norn iron | 8/17/09

mad fucking machine song - one of there best. pity us irish fans dont see them too oftem. i may try to get to manchester in feb 2010 to see them.
i have seen them 4 or 5 times their best set was in cardiff 2008 where the out done slipknot.

keep rocking

fuck yeahh | Reviewer: shay | 2/15/09

id never heard any machine head untill i went to the black crusade..i was there to see trivium but machine head just blew me away, it was awsome, dave's kicks were just fucking powerful lol they just brought an awsome atmosphere with them and brought me a night il never forget.. arch enemy, trivium and machine head gave me the best night of my life! lol

they rocked dubai desert rock concert | Reviewer: samsoom | 3/17/08

imperium is one of thier best songs indeed..i cant actually believe i saw them jus 10 dayz ago in a concert in dubai .. such an amazing band .. FUCKIN AWESOME .. i was headbanging like crazy! and the mosh pits were unbelievable..
machine fuckin head rulez!
their music is power ..

Wow! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/29/07

Great song and fking awesome lyrics that mean a lot to me and have helped me put things in my life into perspective.
Im gonna start making some decisions and hard choices.Its not easy but this song gives me the energy and strenght to fight for what I need in life.
Oh yeah,its a kick arse metal song aswell!

Metal For The Masses | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/19/07

The song starts with a mellow feel , then the Machine Head trademark natural harmonic is brought in , then it flows into a breakneck riff typical of Machine Head , amazing song with heavy parts and very melodical parts aswell


In love Again | Reviewer: V | 12/2/07

I have loved Machine Head since I was 12 or so. The Burning Red and Descent the Shades of Night being two of my first songs. I was captivated by their difference, the band and the songs. This song is just a reminder of why they are my favorite band ever, always have been and always will be. No playlist is complete without a little Machine Head. It beats any modern music my peers listen to.

Break the mold! Don't just say you do.

One of the best | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/22/07

One of Machine Head's best songs, along with Davidian, Old and Clenching the Fists of Dissent. Good to see how they recovered from the Burning Red...ugh.

Eee!! | Reviewer: Mecia | 10/10/07

I'm like the only 12 year old I know thats into rock but doesn't like My Chemical Romance.


x | Reviewer: Spirit_Crusher | 9/19/07

A good lesson for the kids that listen to depressive bands like Linkin Park et similia...this is also "modern" heavy metal, but what an energy...and what a message!Don't act like a fuckin' worm,fight!

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