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From Romford to New York, Back to back private recitals to
a live debut before 150,000 people, Imogen Heap has come a
long way since her childhood days in Essex. Still 20 years
old, strikingly individual and ahead-turning 6 feet tall,
Imogen Heap's name is an real as her music. You're unlikely
to forget either....

Imogen spent her formative years in Essex, relocating to a
Quaker boarding school in Cambridge at the age of 12. A
loner at heart, Imogen found solace in the adjoining Music
school, where she could take flight from the More...

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Review about Imogen Heap songs
Fabulous song | Reviewer: amipb
    ------ About the song Hide And Seek performed by Imogen Heap

It's no surprise that some people here don't understand sensitivity and double meaning words.

This song is perfect, about societies going from human gatherings to dictatures, and those dictatures not listening at all.

It's a pain some people come here to comment just to prove that they didn't even try to understand what's being sung, and then to show their ignorance.

Imogen Heap is a true master of music, lyrics and atmosphere.

amazing | Reviewer: Andy
    ------ About the song Headlock performed by Imogen Heap

This song makes me feel not alone in the struggle of life. Imogen has such a unique voice.I really adore this song.I honestly listen to this song everyday,to get me throw the day.

Beautiful | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Glittering Cloud performed by Imogen Heap

This song ist realy beautifil and one of my favorits.

But I don't think it's about dinking too much but about how she herself over works. she must be better an better -> the best. And when she is on stage she doesn't realize it till ist over.

cheating | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song The Moment I Said It performed by Imogen Heap

In my opinion she did or said something (betrayal or something like that) that made him doubt their relationship. He goes of at cheats a number of times, and even though she has the feeling it's her foult, she feels that if he continues to leave in the night and cheats on her, she will have to break their relationship (smash) but she really doesn't want to (it's actually a scary idea for her). So she keeps trying to stop him from leaving in the night, trying to stop him from throwing their relationship away.

Distorted | Reviewer: Sahy
    ------ About the song Shine performed by Imogen Heap

I truly must say that the meaning of this song is a brilliant message to be giving out. Imogen Heap is truly a wondrous and slightly odd musical genius. Her songs are all seemingly normal for the first while but then it becomes a distorted version of the same brilliance. Imogen is utter genius...
And what genius stands without some insanity?
Love this song! Love the artist! Love it all!

Imogen Heap Is AMAZING! | Reviewer: Ben
    ------ About the song Blanket performed by Imogen Heap

For everyone going on about the Jeff Beck DVD, if you loved her preformance there please go and check out her albums and other live preformances. Imogen is truly an amazing artist. She has been around since the mid 90's as a solo artist, half of the duo Frou Frou and as a producer / remixer for other artists. She has an amazing voice and a great knack for creating beautiful songs. She does most everything on her own, probably fair to say 90-95% of the work that goes into creating her songs. She is a master in the studio and also a great live vocalist and musician. Go check out her iMegaphone (live at iTunes festival) recording to hear beautiful simple versions of some of her early songs. There is also a beautiful version of Blanket on that recording as well.

I love the preformance she and Jeff did, they made an amazing duo and the rest of his band was great too! But please everyone go and check out more of Imogen's works if you're interested in her and like her songs.

This song is crap | Reviewer: Max
    ------ About the song Hide And Seek performed by Imogen Heap

Dont burn your ear drums with this bland, ear numbing song. No instruments, random crap (trains and sewing machines... WTF?) The only part that you can take your ear plugs out is when she goes MM WHATCHA SAAAAAAAAYYY!! This song put me to sleep. This song is about her using the sewing machine, then she steps on a toy train and cuts her foot and runs out to a field and sees a crop circle. Aliens abduct her but deafen her in the process. So when the question her all she says is "MM WHATCHA SAY?". So all in all, crap song, 4 minutes of my laptop's battery and my life wasted. Also when she says "Hmm that it's just what we need you decided this" it sounds like HMM LEMON JIZZ IS WHAT WE NEED!

Oh and did i mention that the song is crap?
Crappy crap crap garbage egabrag parc parc ypparc GARBage THEageOFgarb

Crap song...

    ------ About the song Hide And Seek performed by Imogen Heap

It never occurred to me that many would not understand this song as a hurting for what we did as a nation to the Native Americans (they were here first) We determined their outcome. We brought deseases and watched them die. We wanted their land and justified massacres even when there was no resistance. We hid behind our greed and desires watching the few survivors search for shelter. Despicable, inhumane but ever-rewarding to the conquerors, We were, after all, of superior mind with our "gadgets" and newsprint. Rounded em up, gave them an unworkable piece of land with nothing for food. Yessir we were generous.Cheated them at every opportunity. How do generations carry forth,uncaring, with the sins of their fathers?

Truth | Reviewer: Shay
    ------ About the song Hide And Seek performed by Imogen Heap

There is more than a million ways to take this. Everyone and no one is correct, depending on how you care to view so. This song is LIFE, pure and simple truth.
A house, a broken family, 9/11, suicide, murder, cheating couples, busy cities, accidents, loss, love... this is for you to interpret.

Honestly, I would not bother finding meaning. I would take the song for how it makes YOU feel and love it for that alone.

personal | Reviewer: empty
    ------ About the song Hide And Seek performed by Imogen Heap

I have always been intrigued by not only the unique qualities of the song, but of course the lyrics too. I have never fully associated them with one particular scenario or another...until recently. I "witnessed" a relative commit suicide through a series of text messages (newspaper word cut outs) that were meant to ask for forgiveness for failures no one else saw. It was unbelievable...this can't be happening. Suicide is so selfish; we are left to pick up the pieces, to move on in anguish. Even though he believed he was doing everyone a favor by choosing this moment to die (that it's just what we need, you decided this), no one thinks we are better off without him. He left behind parents, children, wife, brother, friends, coworkers...all with heads held heavy through a funeral procession...what a wonderful person he was, a contagious smile, so full of love, passion for life. Such sweet talk, and so why? For all that we all invested in this person's life, the years, the memories, plans for the future- Why would he do this to us? We loved him so much. But, oh yeah, I forgot: It's all for the best. Of course it is.

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