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Born in a military hospital in South America, Immortal
Technique was brought to the United States in the early
80's while a civil war was breaking out in his native Peru.
The US supported puppet democracy and Guerilla factions
were locked in a bitter struggle which ended like most do
in Latin America, with the military and economic aid of the
State Dept. through channels like the CIA. Although he had
escaped the belligerent poverty and social turmoil of life
in the 3rd world, he was now residing in Harlem which had
its own share of More...

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Review about Immortal Technique songs
Disrespectful | Reviewer: That one guy
    ------ About the song Dance With the Devil performed by Immortal Technique

I love the song it's a great song but when you dis god you loose all of my respect I mean really
You could have made a badass song without Adding
A fake blue eyed cracker on a crucifix

internally bleeding | Reviewer: Black fury
    ------ About the song You Never Know performed by Immortal Technique

the way he constructed the was absolutely extraordinary specificly when he says ''paining slow motion like trees reaches the sun nd nigga the preach is done''.I've been meditating how intellectual it is but found out some people have intelligently that is beyond the limit any way keep it up nigga

........................ | Reviewer: Nimzay
    ------ About the song Poverty of Philosophy performed by Immortal Technique

I will never forget the day I first heard this , I wanted to cry . I'm not an emotional person , but it just made me realize that all my hopes and dreams were totally in the wrong direction.

Tenx to this man | Reviewer: Yacham de Dayatch
    ------ About the song Poverty of Philosophy performed by Immortal Technique

Immortal Technique rap senses all de way i love him he speaks like Victor Alba in a book call ''The Mexicans''

LOL | Reviewer: Sam
    ------ About the song Beef & Broccoli performed by Immortal Technique

Eating meat isn't required for survival, thus a choice.
Causing unnecessary suffering is therefore, a CHOICE, not a requirement.

" Worry more about the poverty-stricken people who do not have the luxury to weigh their dietary options like you do;"

Truth is, I do worry about the fact that today a lot of people will be lucky to get 1 meal in.
And that is another reason why I don't eat meat.. Think about this for a second, what do you think animals require, that we also require to get larger and grow..
Well done, we're getting somewhere, now encompass towards the fact, you could make around 50 vegetarian meals, for the same amount it'd take you to get 12oz of Steak.

There is enough food to feed EVERYONE, but instead we waste it feeding cattle, just to get meat.

truth | Reviewer: c.b.s.k
    ------ About the song Poverty of Philosophy performed by Immortal Technique

for the past few years i been trying to out of this cage. I've stumbled accross dance with the devil and thn I found a few more tracks and i love this guy. He speak what narrow minded ears don't want to listen. when I speak about this people look as if I'm crazy. yeah this what I wanted to say is "fight the system impossible is every mission" because you're are part of the system. unsurity kick in wen you start questioning what's real and what's not.

There is usually nothing wrong with compromise in a situation, but compromising yourself in a situation is another story | Reviewer: quincy rogers
    ------ About the song Poverty of Philosophy performed by Immortal Technique

we need to stay real, nuff respect for these man very interligent and inspirational four years back when i started listening to his music i opened my eyes and started to realise that the trueth needs to be said out no matter what challenges u will go thruogh just fucken speak the trueth die for the trueth i cant live a lie and i never will,im his biggest fan and i achived most of my shit through his music inspiration special thanks to IMMORTAL TECHNIQUE,from BOTSWANA, AFRICA, Q ROGERS.

ikijj | Reviewer: jjjj
    ------ About the song Dance With the Devil performed by Immortal Technique

he did not do it for spit he did not know it was his mum but still he sould never do the to anyone i nearly cried it was so sad they broke her draw and broke her ribs and raped her and den the other guys shoot her it is so sad his mum cried out so loud when she saw he was the one that raped her to and pulse the one who chowed her and beat her so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so sad sad sad sad sad sad sad

The following is the monologue at the end after Immortal Tech stops talking | Reviewer: JR0086
    ------ About the song Message & The Money performed by Immortal Technique

"See the black race can't afford you no more.
Oh there used to be a time, we'd see somebody like you singin, clownin, yes-a-boss'n
And we wouldn't do anything. Folks like that. You were good. Homey kinda' nigga.
When they needed somebody to mistreat, call a name or two, they paraded you.
Reminded them of the good ole days.
Not no more."

I disagree | Reviewer: Matt
    ------ About the song Beef & Broccoli performed by Immortal Technique

I disagree, Jason. The conclusion that you've reached doesn't follow logically from the premise. I've been in the hip hop scene for over a decade, I grew up listening to Tech, but as I become more and more educated I've realized that this is one song of Tech's that I will not support as it is nothing short of ignorant drivel.

Cats are obligate carnivores, that is, if they do not eat meat they will die. Humans are not obligate carnivores, and in fact the vast majority of our diets are supposed to be plant based. Excess meat consumption, especially that of processed meats, has been demonstrated to cause premature death over thousands of scientific studies...Whether you eat meat or not, to ignore this fact is wilful ignorance. I smoke cigarettes, but I wouldn't deny that they cause cancer. So if you want to act like your some kind of all wise preacher, at least do your research first homie before drivelling your mouth off on some assumptions.

Ignoring these obvious facts, supporting the unnecessary suffering of other sentient beings can not be merely reduced to some kind of 'personal choice'. That's not logical, whether Tech says it is or not.

It's also a bit wack that Tech tells other people what to do in the same song that he tells other people not to tell him what to do...

Go and study biology before fronting like you know everything about our dietary requirements, and comparing them stupidly to that of predatory carnivores.

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