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Immortal Souls Biography

Last updated: 11/19/2005

From Past to Present

Cold winds are blowing and snow is falling down from the frostpainted northern sky when you listen to IMMORTAL SOULS. That's the reason why the music of this Finnish masterpiece is sometimes described as wintermetal. From the beginning of their existence IMMORTAL SOULS has been known as one of the best kept secrets from the underground of the cold north. They play fast paced, aggressive melodic death metal and are compared to bands such as DARK TRANQUILLITY and IN FLAMES. After some demos and ep's the first full-length album "Under The Northern Sky" was released in 2001. The album was received very well, both by press and fans. Soon after the label Little Rose Productions, where the band was signed, decided to quit, IMMORTAL SOULS was contacted by FEAR DARK, label from Holland, and a few months later a deal was signed so the cold mission could continue.

2003 seems to be the year of IMMORTAL SOULS. FEAR DARK released the new album "Ice Upon the Night" in March 2003 and that followed a promo tour in Germany and Holland. Tour was a success and more shows are coming. With their intense death metal, harsh cold melodies and controversial texts of A. Sarkioja IMMORTAL SOULS is a bands you need to prepare for.