Immolation Albums

  • Shadows In The Light Album (5/8/2007)
    Hate's Plague
    Passion Kill
    World Agony
    The Weight Of Devotion
    Breathing The Dark
    Deliverer Of Evil
    Shadows In The Light
    Lying With Demons
    Whispering Death

  • Unholy Cult Album (11/12/2002)
    Of Martyrs And Men
    Sinful Nature
    Unholy Cult
    Wolf Among The Flock
    Reluctant Messiah
    A Kingom Divided
    Rival The Eminent
    Bring Them Down

  • Close To A World Below Album (11/7/2000)
    Higher Coward
    Father, You're Not A Father
    Furthest From The Truth
    Fall From A High Place
    Unpardonable Sin
    Lost Passion
    Put My Hand In The Fire
    Close To A World Below

  • Failures For Gods Album (6/1/1999)
    Once Ordained
    No Jesus, No Beast
    Failures For Gods
    God Made Filth
    Stench Of High Heaven
    Your Angel Died
    The Devil I Know

  • Here In After Album (2/13/1996)
  • Stepping On Angels Before Dawn Album (12/1/1995)
  • Dawn Of Possession Album (12/1/1991)

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