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Ransom Imma Don Lyrics

Last updated: 01/03/2013 04:32:57 PM

(Verse 1)
East coast Don nigga
Fuck you think going on nigga
You ain't talking big money
I guess you told it to the wrong nigga
What's wrong nigga why you screw your face up
Play tough and get taped up
These pussies get ate up
Straight up , low class but I'm 8 plus
Drow passing that gray truck
Hoes laugh when I came up
Now these hoes mad 'cause they can't fuck
Hopped out, ball main
Jeans on , what's y'all name
Carlie this my sister Paulie , ball game
Ye boy , call that nigga Don king
My heat gon' blaze your cans up
I guess I'm like LeBron James
Your bitch don't like this low chain
Fuck you think you getting nigga
That's when I pull that top down
Like damn I think I did it nigga

I'm a Don, they say you a Don , then they fucking wrong (x4)

(Verse 2)
Come get it whip it this pain boy
I'ma show you all just what I came for
Y'all so in doubt and y'all ain't sure
I'm from that house on that same floor
I came up and I ain't poor
I was there when that rain poured
I was there by that same store
Where niggas hussle that cane boy
Y'all know me, couple y'all niggers might owe me
Might turn it back to the old me
But I'm an old G so when I come down don't quote me
I'm still haunted by demons
All them years starving and scheming
I don't fear God when I'm grieving
Wipe them tears off and I'm even
I'm certified, niggas acting like it don't hurt to die
I'ma get the money if it's worth the try
Y'all niggers better diversify
Y'all heard the guy
Y'all been to hell , where your scars at?
Been to jail , where your bars at?
Y'all niggas frails so don't talk back
I get it there with that comeback
Door shit, so what nigga I'm a convict
These niggas under my armpits
They sunned out got that gun out with that long clip
What's wrong bitch, Don king raw steam palm springs with your prom queen
Turn your life to a long dream , the king!

I'm a Don, they say you a Don , then they fucking wrong (x4)