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Imbroco Biography

Last updated: 07/01/2003 04:24:31 AM

With an impressive line-up that includes Scott McCarver (ex-Mineral) on guitar, Gabe Wiley (Pop Unknown, ex-Mineral) on drums, Matt Breedlove (Pop Unknown) on bass and Rory Phillips (The Impossibles, ex-The Stereo) on vocals, an element of pure experience-bred songwriting can be expected. Saturated with beautiful instrumentation, immaculate guitar work, lush bass tones, meticulous percussion and tender vocals, IMBROCO's sound is distinct, innocent and unpretentious. The band's striking command and original musicianship varies tempo and dynamics so much you can't help but to be drawn in. From indie rock to shoegazer pop to manic bursts of guitar distortion and feedback, the record never forces itself on you - but rather immerses you in a stream of transition. Employing the unique talents that each member has to offer, ARE YOU MY LIONKILLER? delivers an onslaught of what is truly respectable in the underground. This is mandatory listening.

IMBROCO is one of three bands to rise from the ashes of Mineral, an Austin-based band that formed in 1994. Mineral released undeniably powerful records on Caulfield and then later on Crank! A Record Company. Full-lengths include "The Power of Failing" and "EndSerenading." Shortly after recording their second full-length, the four members of Mineral decided to go their separate ways. Aside from Scott and Gabe's involvement in IMBROCO, Chris (vocals / guitar) and Jeremy (bass) started The Gloria Record (on Crank) and Gabe started Pop Unknown.

Pop Unknown's recently released "If Arsenic Fails, Try Algebra" full-length follows their critically-acclaimed "Summer Season Kills" EP (both available on Deep Elm). Pop Unknown is also featured on Deep Elm's The Emo Diaries, Chapter Two with "Writing It Down For You." Watch for Pop Unknown's Tracing Europe Tour in Fall 2000.

Rory Phillips comes to IMBROCO by way of The Impossibles. The Impossibles recorded a self-titled full-length and an EP called "Back For The Attack" before calling it quits - both of which have been re-released as The Impossibles "Anthology." After a short assignment as the vocalist on The Stereo's debut long player "Three Hundred," Rory and The Impossibles decided to record a new full-force rock record titled "Return." Releases by The Impossibles and The Stereo can be found on Fueled By Ramen.