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Imani Coppola is a brand new singer/songwriter, specialized in in an eclectic mix of pop, urban, hip hop and alternative sounds. Her debut album "Chupacabra" contains 11 original tracks, including the infectious first single, "Legend of a Cowgirl".

As you may already have noticed, Legend of a cowgirl is starting to explode at radio !

The showcase January 17th, at the AB Club in Brussels introduced this fine young artist to the Belgian audience.

A few interesting things you should know about Imani. Imani once had a chinese fortune cookie which said : "You will attract cultured and artistic people to your home". As it turns out, the fortune cookie may well be right. The 19-year-old musician, singers, rapper is about to break through by presenting her first album "Chupacabra".

"Chupacabra" is an album that shows off Imani's talent to create vibrant songs by means of samples, live instrumentation, singing and rapping. Imani seems to have found a way to bring art and culture together in a new musical amalgam, fusing them as one, and setting it all to a funky beat.
Moving away from the gloomy and ominous gangsta rap, Imani's music is playfully cheerful. The lyrics have a great deal to do with this. Each song tells a story "When people ask me what my music is, I say t's music of me, because there is no category for it, it's new, I created it."
The songs on Chupacabra sound so sunny they may have listeners reaching for their Ray-bans. Imani plays violin on nearly every track while also handling most of the album's guitar and keyboard-playing.

Imani Coppola , you will be hearing more of her pretty soon !!!!!!

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