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In a dark kitchen in the middle of a sweaty night in Las
Vegas, all 6'4" of Dan Reynolds is hunched over a laptop,
slapping beats on the table and crooning lyrics into a tiny
microphone. Before long, he and the other three members of
indie rock band Imagine Dragons would be playing "It's
Time," that same laptop-demo-turned-supersized-anthem, from
the roof of a parking garage to a wave of thousands of
screaming fans. This song title to the single from their
2012 debut KidInaKorner/Interscope release "Continued
Silence EP" is an all too apt descriptor of the band's
hard-earned More...

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Review about Imagine Dragons songs
this song makes sense... | Reviewer: Daniela
    ------ About the song Demons performed by Imagine Dragons

if you have experiences something like depression of post traumatic stress disorder... for as much as you want to protect your loved one from your past of from what you feel, or have felt, you can't. You can make them part of it if they accept you. You can try to shelter them... but if you have experienced trauma, or abuse, it's not your fault, you can't have helped it... you can deal with it but sometimes your demons will come to the surface again..

awesome song | Reviewer: river rat of the rio grande
    ------ About the song Demons performed by Imagine Dragons

We all have the ability to choose. It's like that native American story.very briefly.a young warrior was troubled by a dream, two wolves that never stopped fighting.when he went to the shaman for advice.he let him know they represented good and one evil.when he asked who wins.the shaman replied, the one you feed the most.

Demons | Reviewer: Caleb Heggie (
    ------ About the song Demons performed by Imagine Dragons

In my opinion (cause everyone has their own) the song is about your past or whoevers past your placing the song over. To me it's that We all make bad decisions and we've all done and seen things we're not proud of. It's saying I'm not worthy of anyone else for what I've been through, stay away cause my Demons might make you go anyway. It's like a plea to a friend to not read your diary cause you don't want them to know exactly what you think of them and you don't know if they like how you think of them as well as you don't know how they'll react to knowing your past, what you've seen and done. That's the demons parts to me.

The others are what feel like a crumbling world, a mistake and the last is a redemption of two people. If you actually want to hear the rest of my opinion i guess you could ask, send me an email, I'd like to explain it but i don't want to take up a Huge section. =)

Meaning | Reviewer: Creeper
    ------ About the song Demons performed by Imagine Dragons

The story of the song is that a guy thinks he is a demon from the realm that's a curse word. He is tired of it but leave. He fell in love with a angle but he is
protecting by trying to stay away from her. It's a sad song but is my favorite

what i thought | Reviewer: Pheonix
    ------ About the song Demons performed by Imagine Dragons

this is a very emotional song for me... i sang it to my boyfriend and both him and i broke down in tears because i have been through so much and no matter how hard i try i can never get rid of my demons and i guess they are a part of who i am :)

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