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Van Zant Imagination Lyrics

Last updated: 08/17/2007 11:00:00 AM

She tied me up with conversation
I never should have let her in
I guess I must have been too friendly
Now she's out to do me in, do me in

Is it all
Well it's all

I hear the rain upon the window
I see the writing on the wall
I found a letter on my pillow
How did it get there after all, after all

Repeat Chorus


What does she really want from me
Is it love, is it misery
Don't need this kind of torment
This could never be
Imagination (I love it)

Ahh, imagination
This is all
Imagination, oh yeah
But it's all
Yes it is
Yes it is
Is it all, yeah
Well it's all
That's all it is
Is it all

She tied me up with conversation
Ahh woo
You know I should've never let her in
Oh was that a mistake
She tied me up
Ah, imagination
Oh ohh

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