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(Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh paper flowers) 2x
I linger in the doorway
of alarm clocks screaming monsters calling my name
let me stay
where the wind will whisper to me
Where the rain drops, as they fall, they tell a story

In my field of paper flowers
and candy clouds of lullaby (flowers)
I lie inside myself for hours
And watch my purple sky fly over me (flowers)

Don't say I'm out of touch
With this rampant chaos, your reality
I know well what lies beyond my sleeping refuge
the nightmare I built my own world to escape


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Swallowed up in the sound of my screaming,
cannot cease for the fear of silent nights
Oh, how i long for the deep sleep dreaming
The goddess of imaginary light


(Ahhhhhhhhh paper flowers) 2x

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Paper Flowers | Reviewer: Gwendolyn | 5/12/13

My mother first got me into Evanescence and I have loved it ever since. Imaginary is one of those songs that you have to read over and over again to understand the meaning. I love Evanescence, even though the songs are sad, they relate to many books I read and my life at times. I love Evanescence!

I love this song | Reviewer: Ella | 1/29/12

I absolutely LOVE this song, as well as all of Evanescence's other songs. Amy Lee has a beautiful, strong and clear voice.

The lyrics really stand out, and i can refer to quite a few of the songs.

*Amy Lee rules!!*

Flowers in The Attic | Reviewer: Marissa | 11/24/10

I have loved Evanescence for a long long time. But never did i hear this song until a fan did a fan made soundtrack for the book "flowers in the attic". This song probably has a total different meaning but, it makes sense to me when i put myself in the main character, Cathy's shoes.

I love this band and the way they make me fee though the music

awesome! | Reviewer: eli | 10/20/10

This songs makes you wanna kick ass but then checks you with your own reality. Its allows me to feel powerful but also be aware of my own weaknesses at the same time! Great song! In my field of paper flowers!!!

awesome | Reviewer: susan | 10/18/10

I.L.O.V.E.E.V.A.N.S.C.E.N.C.E!!I especailly love this song because its just....awesom!Amy Lee is the best female singer out there and the second best singer besides chester bennington(from linkin park)But even then...just barely..

Song and music | Reviewer: Elisabeth | 9/2/10

In my opinion all music is music. I mean, everyone making music actually intends to make music. Music with good beats, yes, but also good music as a whole.
I`ve always been listening to the lyrics, I love Amy Lee´s songs, but right now I`m studying Music Design and I´m learning how to really listen to the MUSIC as well.
If you only listen to lyrics you miss out and if you don´t listen to lyrics you also miss out on something. The lyrics are important, but the music in itself also create emotion and thoughts to the lyrics. If you heard the lyrics sung without the music, it would be very different, wouldn´t it?? :)
And both can be analysed, or listened to actively.
AND remember the voice/vocal is one of the instruments. It is a PART of the music.

Enjoy your music(including both lyrics and music)..!!! :D

Fields of paper flowers | Reviewer: Julian | 6/29/10

im always left awestruck by the emotion amy puts into her songs. i agree with nikkie. but one that also gets me is her ability to create such beautiful and or haunting images. to sit there and picture oneself in a field of paper flowers is amazing.

Awestruck | Reviewer: Ryan | 5/29/10

Aweinspiring song. Beautiful strings at the beginnging blend beautifully with the guitar that joins them. Amy Lee's voice is perfection. The lyrics are wonderful. It takes a reflective person to get them. It's how I feel sometimes. I LOVE EVANESCENCE!!! But i wish they would do more songs now like in their album Fallen. It's gotten a lot slower recently but this kind of music they do is perrfection!

magnificent | Reviewer: Nikkei | 5/16/10

It takes a true deep personality to understand the meaning of the lyrics in this song. It takes a true magnificent and pure talent to transform emotion into words, and Evanescence does an incredible job! It's as if familiar stories were translated into a dark yet voluptuous melody. Amy Lee rules!

@ unknownpersonality | Reviewer: Jester | 2/12/10

I agree with you 95% except the part about rap, true, MOST (a majority of the mainstream crap that's about being a thug and Fing bit**es) doesnt make you think and isnt worth the few minutes of my life i wasted listening to it, but if you've ever heard anything from Cuninlinguists or Atmosphere or Eyedea then you'd modify your statement, alot of their songs are very deep and have a meaning. Example: "Atmosphere - That Night" is a song he wrote about a 16 y/o girl that was raped and killed at his concert on july 16th 2003... give it a listen sometime

Huh? | Reviewer: unknownpersonality | 1/6/10

"If you have read the Twilight saga New Moon"

What the bleep does that have to do with this song?

I love it, the song I mean. In my opinion it's the best song on Fallen.

This song is my theme song. :)

so cool its Imaginary | Reviewer: Finn Peter Green | 12/29/09

I don't get why people spend time writing songs that have no meaning. If you have read the twilight saga new moon this song is based on that kind of thing. If Ben Moody reads this then "you rock" Amy Lee "I listen to this song every day"

My rant about music today... | Reviewer: unknownpersonality | 12/15/09

One thing I love about bands like Evanescence, The Becoming, and Nightwish is that you have to hear their songs (or read the lyrics to the songs) multiple times to understand the lyrics. It seems like most mainstream music that's out now is designed to NOT make you think about things, and that's really sad....

I watch people listening to these rap songs (rap is not music) and other pop songs that are out now, and all they talk about is how they love the song because it has a good beat. I actually listen to the lyrics. (Some of the songs have lyrics that I really wish I didn't hear.) And a lot of the songs that are out now don't really have any deep meaning. I like songs that have meanings to them, music is supposed to mean something, isn't it?

I'm sorry, I had to get that out. :)

Nice | Reviewer: Rubi | 12/9/09

I really love this song i think its 1 of the best songs Evanescence has done I'm like always singing it lol my choir teacher heard me sing it cause i stayed after class 2 find my purse and she thought i sang it really pretty she encourged me 2 get in the talent show and i won 1st place!! lol first time winning 1st place in something :) I think Amy Lee is really pretty and has an amazing voice i love her she is the best!!! I have been to 1 of her concerts it was awsome!!

Smalltown Dreamer | Reviewer: Warren | 12/1/09

I love this song, it is one of my favorites. I think that the meaning is beautiful and the word choice is stunning. Also Amy Lee has a voice that I am envious of, then again many people probably are.

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