Ima Robot Albums

  • Monument To The Masses Album (9/12/2006)
    Cool Cool Universe
    The Beat
    Eskimo Ride
    Chip Off The Block
    Happy Annie
    Pouring Pain
    Stick It To The Man
    What Comes Tomorrow
    Lovers In Captivity
    Dangerous Life
    Creeps Me Out

  • Ima Robot Album (9/16/2003)
    Song #1
    A Is For Action
    Dirty Life
    Let's Talk Turkey
    12=3 (Here Come The Doctors)
    Here Comes The Bombs
    What Are We Made From?
    Black Jettas

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    A Fresh sound thats addicting as Hell. | Reviewer: Michael Strom
        ------ About the album Ima Robot performed by Ima Robot

    I went to a duran duran concert with my girlfriend and cought the end of Ima Robot's opening proformance. I disided to buy the CD to see what the croud was all excited about and i wish i haddn't missed all but the end of there concert. This CD rocks. Its the freshest thing i've heard in years. There Rocky swove music makes me want to get up and dance and i dont dance.

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