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Ikon Biography

Last updated: 05/02/2003 03:44:27 AM

From left to right Dino Molinaro, Chris McCarter, David Burns, Anthony Griffiths

Described as one of the premier Goth bands, Melbourne based IKON formed in 1991 from the ashes of Death In The Dark.

Chris McCarter (vocals, guitar), Dino Molinaro (bass), Anthony Griffiths (guitar,vocals) and David Burns (drums) make a striking blend of Gothic/Darkwave music, following in the footsteps of Joy Division and early New Order with a touch of Death In June. The four piece band have become known as Australia's biggest Gothic export.

To date, IKON have played extensively in Australia as well as Germany, Belgium, Holland and Denmark alongside bands such as The Sisters of Mercy, Him, London After Midnight, Soft Cell, Death In June and The Cruxshadows.

A highlight of 2002 was playing at the Mera Luna festival Germany, in front of an audience in excess of 15,000 people, cementing the current line up as the most successful thus far.

In 2003, IKON will complete their third consecutive European tour. This time promoting their latest release 'From Angels To Ashes', featuring 'Ghost In My Head' cowritten by David Sterry of Real Life and a cover of Death In June's 'Fall Apart'. This latest release is a 'best of'compilation from the years 1997 to 2003. The 13 date tour will include Denmark, England, Italy, Switzerland and in the middle, Wave Gotik Treffen 2003 Leipzig, Germany. Other bands playing at this four day festival are Faith and the Muse, Laibach, Tiamit, VNV Nation,and Wayne Hussey of The Mission...just to name a few.

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