Ijahman Levi Albums

  • Beauty And The Lion Album
    Beauty and the Lion
    Knock Knock
    Signs and Wonders
    Perilous Time
    Love in a Bungle
    Rasta a Ancient Lovers
    I Sing the Albums

  • Tell It to the Children Album
    Tell It To The Children
    Closer to You
    Jah Watch Man
    Lend a Hand
    Sinner Man
    Praises In Strange Places
    Thank You

  • Haile I Hymn Album (2/1/1978)
    Jah Heavy Load
    Jah Is No Secret
    Zion Hut
    I'm A Levi

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    Simply the Greatest | Reviewer: steve wilson
        ------ About the album Haile I Hymn performed by Ijahman Levi

    Haile I Hymn was the supreme statement of mystical Rastafari faith. If I'd been black I would have converted to Rastafari instantly, and Jah Is No Secret tops the list.

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