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Ijahman Levi Biography

Last updated: 06/22/2011 12:00:00 PM

IJAHMAN LEVI is by far one of the very best, original, authentic conscious roots reggae singer/writers of the last decades, and still producing at a steady rate pearls of reggae songs, musically as well as lyrically. It is amazing that still (too) few people know of this great singer. The relatively small availability of Ijahman's CDs and LPs may play a role in this. Most Ijahman Levi albums contain only very good tracks, no half work delivered anywhere. Ijahman Levi's early albums Haile I Hymne and Are We A Warrior, as well as the little more recent Africa, can be considered essential classic reggae albums, and enough of the later material could become such if only more people got a chance to hear songs like Lilly of My Valley, Mr CB, Tell It To the Children, Beauty and The Lion, etc, etc. Also Live on stage Ijahman is known to bring his music with the same power and originality, convincing and inspiring. The music often is also quite danceable, and appeals to women and men, young and old, black and white alike. Ijahman's work covers a range of conscious and religious roots reggae, historical/actual themes, love songs, etc., all written and performed in his own unique style. If you love Ijahman Levi music get more of it! and if you don't, most likely you did not listen yet, so here is your chance, check out the discography and links below.