Iggy Pop Albums

  • Preliminaires Album (6/2/2009)
    Les Feuilles Mortes
    I Want To Go To The Beach
    King Of The Dogs
    Je Sais Que Tu Sais
    Spanish Coast
    Nice To Be Dead
    How Insensitive
    Party Time
    He's Dead, She 's Alive
    A Machine For Loving
    She's A Business
    Les Feuilles Mortes (Marc's Theme)

  • Skull Ring Album (9/29/2003)
    Little Electric Chair (featuring The Stooges)
    Perverts In The Sun (featuring The Trolls)
    Skull Ring (featuring The Stooges)
    Superbabe (featuring The Trolls)
    Loser (featuring The Stooges)
    Private Hell (featuring Green Day)
    Little Know It All (featuring Sum 41)
    Whatever (featuring The Trolls)
    Dead Rock Star (featuring The Stooges)
    Rock Show (featuring Peaches)
    Here Comes The Summer
    Motor Inn
    Inferiority Complex
    Til Wrong Feels Right
    Blood On My Cool

  • Beat 'Em Up Album (7/17/2001)
    Beat 'Em Up
    Talking Snake
    The Jerk
    Death Is Certain
    Go For The Throat
    Drink New Blood
    It's All Shit

  • Avenue B Album (9/21/1999)
    No Shit
    Nazi Girlfriend
    Avenue B
    Miss Argentina
    Afraid to Get Close
    Shakin' All Over
    Long Distance
    She Called Me Daddy
    I Felt the Luxury

  • Nude & Rude: The Best Of Iggy Pop Album (10/29/1996)
  • Naughty Little Doggie Album (3/5/1996)
  • We Are Not Talking About Commercial Shit! Album (3/8/1995)
  • American Caesar Album (5/1/1993)
  • Brick By Brick Album (6/1/1990)
  • Instinct Album (4/1/1988)
  • Blah Blah Blah Album (4/1/1986)
  • Zombie Birdhouse Album (1/1/1982)
  • Party Album (1/1/1981)
  • Soldier Album (4/1/1980)
  • New Values Album (1/1/1979)
  • TV Eye Album (1/1/1978)
  • Idiot Album (5/1/1977)
  • Lust For Life Album (5/1/1977)

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    COLD METAL! | Reviewer: chris
        ------ About the album Instinct performed by Iggy Pop

    Album rocks hard, not as popular as Brick by Brick, but it rocks harder! Closer to his work with the Stooges than his other recent works

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