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Nirvana If You Must Lyrics

Last updated: 02/10/2014 06:33:44 PM

I can read, I can write
I can breed, proven flight
Nurse my greed, crease infold
Is it me, or my ego
Write some words, make them
Thesis or storyline
Set the mood, something new
Is it me, or my attitude
If you want to put off an image
The extremes, the extremes
Act it out
Onto me (x3, second x7)
I will wade in the fire
To explain your asylum
Idle times, analyzing
We'll compare all our sightings
You must
I speak to hear my voice

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it means nothing therefore everything, to you probably anything? | Reviewer: Briggs | 2/10/14

As an inspiring song writer this song is about writing songs 'i can read i can write i can breed, proven flight' a way of saying what he writes will breed ideas and spread across peoples minds. Also relate because sometimes when writing songs/poetry u think does that mean anything or does it just rhyme? And personally ill write something then think am i being true to myself hear? or lying to myself to make it sound better? Is it me, or my ego?

wrong lyrics | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/1/07

its 'if you want to belong' not 'if you want to put off an image'